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Five tasty remedies for a hangover

Five tasty remedies for a hangover

After a wild Friday night out, the morning-after never tends to be as fun as the night before. In the morning you find that the echoes of your colourful night will bang away at your skull in a happy reminder of a headache, and a wave of nausea would render your appetite irritated at the very thought of food.

Well, not all kinds of foods repel the senses. Spicey foods are a saviour for an appetite cleanser, and in Nigeria, the options are not short in supply. Join us as we relish five mouthwatering, spicey Nigerian foods that will send your hangover packing.

1. Pepper soup:

Picture this: a steaming bowl of pepper soup, packed with fiery but tasty peppers and spices, ready to banish that hangover haze. This soul-warming dish, with its variety of meats or any protein of your choice, is a good choice for shaking off the post-party slump.

2. Suya:

Craving something bold and grilled? How about Suya. Having juicy skewered meat coated in a flavour explosion of cayenne pepper, ginger, garlic and a customary choice of spices.

The intense spiciness of suya not only satisfies cravings but also boosts metabolism and provides a burst of energy—an excellent choice for shaking off the morning grogginess.

3. Peppered snails:

Another mouth watering option; peppered snails, bathed in a zesty sauce bursting with peppers and onions, offer a flavourful adventure for your taste buds. Packed with nutrients, this dish is the tasty remedy your body craves after a night of let loose.

4. Ofada rice and ayamase sauce:

Dive into a plate of Ofada rice and ayamase sauce—a flavour party that blends nutty rice with a fiesty sauce made from bell peppers, scotch bonnet peppers(ata rodo) and onions. This spicy marriage in a plate promises a satisfying and energizing meal to clear the fog of any hangover.

5. Peppered gizzards:

Bold flavours await with peppered gizzards! Marinated in a fiery mix of spices and sautéed to perfection, these gizzards deliver a sizzling kick that is sure to awaken your senses and get you ready to conquer the day.

There you have it, some of Nigeria’s fiery hangover remedies that turn post-party blues into spicy adventures! Whether you are indulging in the comforting warmth of pepper soup or savouring the bold flavours of suya, peppered snails, Ofada rice with ayamase sauce, or peppered gizzards, these spicy delights promise a tastefull journey to recovery.