Cliqki – Africa’s fastest growing influencer marketplace

CLIQKI is an Adtech platform or an ad social media marketplace, where brands, content owners, and creators, can create more awareness for their product or service by offering incentives to users/ micro/macro influencers for sharing their content.

“We show you ads, offers, and other content, to help you discover content, products, and services that are offered by the many businesses and organizations that use our platform, but also provide you an opportunity to earn while engaging with this content.

“Our mission is to give people the power to promote their product offering to a diversified and relevant audience, as well as provide a means for others to earn while using their regular social media platforms. We are extremely excited to share some of the progress we have made over the past few months, as we remain steadfast towards our vision to build Africa and eventually the world’s largest Marketplace for influencers, where users can monetize their social media engagement”

“The idea behind CLIQKI was born out of a personal problem we had trying to promote a financial services brand, promote music content and expand our following on a crypto platform”. We realized that Facebook /Instagram makes millions of dollars in ad revenues from brands/companies and shares only a small portion with influencers/users on their platforms.

Our business model is to democratize advertising by doing the reverse, which is to take a small commission and make most of the ad revenue available to the community of users.”


CLIQKI is currently registered as a Delaware C Corp with offices in the United States and Lagos. Our plan is to establish our proof of Concept in Nigeria, before expanding to other locations in Africa including Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa, and eventually the rest of the world. (Kind of like what Tik Tok did in China)

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The beta version of the website went live on April 18, 2021, with about 100 initial users. We have since seen steady growth in our user base, with thousands of influencers currently on the platform and still growing very rapidly.
We have also signed on several major brands including one of Africa’s largest financial institutions, major commercial banks, content creators, and looking to sign up many other major brands.

CLIQKI has expanded to be one of the largest growing influencer communities, where users can earn for their social media engagement and the community can also decide the type of content they want to promote. This presents a unique opportunity for brands to showcase their product offering to a wide segmented audience at a fraction of the costs.
How it works, is that brands and/or content creators, come to the platform, upload the content or campaign they would like to promote and ascribe a budget to the campaign by purchasing tokens.
Anytime a user/influencer shares the content on behalf of the brand, a unique URL is created, and the user/influencer is rewarded anytime he/she can get someone to click on the link shared. Rewards per click can vary from N10 to up to N1,000 and depends on the Brand.

Rewards are credited to the influencer’s wallet and can be redeemed for cash directly to your bank account or for airtime, gift vouchers, and other prizes. This enables anyone to get rewarded for sharing content on behalf of brands and/or content creators.
According to a report by the influencer marketing hub, over $850 million has been invested into the industry since late 2020, the Creator Economy is growing at an unprecedented rate.
Paired with an influencer marketing industry size of $13.8 Billion in 2021 and the hundreds of new startups in the space, they predict the total Creator market size to be at least $104.2 Billion and growing by the day.

“If you can reach 10 people or 10 million people, then you are an influencer. Today, users on CLIQKI are rewarded for sharing content and playing games, helping brand and content creators promote their products and services”
With CLIQKI – everyone and anyone can be an influencer “ based on the current growth rate, CLIQKI is very well positioned to realize its vision to be the largest influencer marketing platform in Africa and beyond”

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