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Children’s Day: Dare Adeboye Foundation educates school children on leadership

Children’s Day: Dare Adeboye Foundation educates school children on leadership

In the ideology of Clarence Randall, a legal practitioner and educationist, “A leader must know, must know that he knows, and must be able to make it abundantly clear to those about him that he knows.”

The ability of youth to develop absolute clarity about who they are is foundational to succeeding in life.

Running with this visionary philosophy, the Dare Adeboye Foundation held its inaugural Future Leaders Assembly recently in commensuration of Children’s Day in Nigeria.

The event, aimed at educating school children on leadership, brought together about 1,000 secondary school students and educators from across the region at the Redemption City in Ogun State.

The ‘Future Leaders Assembly’ featured a series of interactive workshops, engaging talks, and hands-on activities designed to instil core principles of leadership, innovation, and ethical responsibility in the participating students.

Leke Adeboye, a pastor in RCCG and the chairman of the foundation’s board, in his remarks emphasised the significance of nurturing young leaders.

“The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Our goal was to provide these young minds with the tools they need to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more.

“Leadership is about inspiring and empowering others, and we are committed to fostering this spirit in our children,” he said.

One of the highlights of the event was the keynote address by Seyi Jolayemi, a renowned business leader, mentor, and growth and personal development coach who spoke on the role of “Young people in Nation Building”.

Jolayemi captivated the audience with her insights on leadership, innovation, and perseverance.

“Leadership is a personal ability before it becomes something you do in relation to others. Leadership is your personal ability to become a person of importance, significance and achievement,” she said.

She further emphasised the importance of character building, communication, good people skills, and self-discipline as keys to becoming a good leader who will impact nations.

During the event, Olawale Olatujoye, the programmes manager of the foundation, delivered a compelling speech on the importance of introducing and educating young people on leadership.

Olatujoye stated, “In a world that is constantly evolving, it is essential that we equip our young people with the skills and knowledge they need to lead.

By fostering leadership qualities in our youth, we are not just preparing them for future roles; we are empowering them to make a difference in their communities today and be equipped to grow and become solutions to the challenges of our nation.

The Dare Adeboye Foundation believes that leadership education is critical for developing responsible, innovative, and ethical individuals who will drive positive change and contribute to a better society.”

He gave a brief insight into the ‘Foundation’s Impact Secondary School Project’ which is aimed at mentoring and raising young leaders in secondary schools across the country.

The conference also featured insightful presentations by Ayorinde AdeBello, Temitayo Olawale-Olatujoye, and Layomi Anifowoshe. Each speaker brought unique perspectives on leadership, covering essential concepts such as discovering purpose, goal setting, discipline, and mentorship.

These topics emphasised the importance of creativity, collaboration, and ethical behaviour in leadership roles, helping students understand how to set and achieve their goals while maintaining a strong moral compass.

An interactive session between the participating students and the panel of speakers was another highlight of the assembly.

This session provided a platform for students to engage directly with the speakers, ask questions, and discuss their ideas about leadership.

This dialogue not only enhanced the students’ understanding of leadership concepts but also encouraged them to think critically and guided them on navigating the paths to attaining their goals.

The Dare Adeboye Foundation believes that investing in the leadership potential of young people is crucial for nation building.

The Dare Adeboye Foundation is dedicated to empowering youth through education, mentorship, and community development programs. Named in honour of the late Dare Adeboye, a senior pastor in RCCG, the foundation strives to inspire and support young people in achieving their full potential and making a positive impact on society.