• Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Bosah Francis: On a Mission to Elevate Nigerian Content Creators


In the swiftly changing terrain of the creator economy, Bosah Francis, the visionary founder of 023 Lee Media and Entertainment, is on a dedicated mission to empower and add significant value to Nigerian content creators.

With an insightful perspective on the flourishing creator economy, Bosah Francis aims to bridge the gap between influencers, celebrities, and their rightful recognition.

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Renowned Indian digital influencer, Madan Gowri, once noted, “When you enter a smaller screen, a phone, or a computer, you are not a celebrity. The moment you enter this space, you are a creator.”

The global creator economy, inclusive of content creators, influencers, YouTubers, podcasters, bloggers, artists, musicians, and writers, is projected to reach a staggering $480 billion by 2027, as indicated by Goldman Sachs’ research.

Bosah Francis, an Ebonyi State University graduate hailing from Anambra State, embodies the three key characteristics of a successful creator: authenticity, expertise, and entertainment. As the driving force behind 023 Lee Media and Entertainment, a multifaceted talent management, brand strategy, and events production company, Bosah Francis envisions content creation as a thriving industry with enduring significance.

Expressing his passion for content creation, Francis stated, “Content creation is something that has come to stay. Over the years, we have witnessed its evolution from a hobby to a full-blown profession. The talent now requires a dedicated manager to navigate through the intricate process of content creation, branding, and securing deals.”

Shedding light on the mission of 023 Lee Media and Entertainment, Francis emphasized, “Our goal is to provide more value to influencers in a society that often overlooks their contributions. Content creators play a pivotal role in introducing and shaping trends, and it’s our mission to ensure they receive the recognition and support they deserve.”

Reflecting on his dual role as a content creator with the name Bosa Lee and talent agency founder, he highlighted the need to reshape perceptions about content creators. “They are not merely ‘skit makers’ or ‘tiktokers’; they are celebrities deserving of acknowledgment. We are challenging the status quo and urging society to appreciate the influence and hard work put in by content creators,” he affirmed.

When asked about his strategies for identifying and nurturing emerging talents, Bosah Francis explained, “Hosting events for influencers is our way of celebrating these creators. We spot talents by combing the online space, recognizing those who excel but may struggle to navigate the industry. Our agency aims to make their journey seamless, lifting the burden off their shoulders.”