• Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Beauty Reinvented: Dabota Cosmetics, Crystalline Clinic join forces in innovative partnership

Beauty Reinvented: Dabota Cosmetics, Crystalline Clinic join forces in innovative partnership

Dabota Cosmetics and Crystalline Clinic are forging a new partnership.

The dynamic collaboration is between Dabota Cosmetics, a renowned clean minimalist makeup brand, and Crystalline Clinic, an aesthetic clinic specializing in innovative beauty solutions with location in London, Atlanta, Amsterdam and now Lagos Nigeria.

This partnership brings together the expertise of Dabota Cosmetics in creating natural, elegant makeup with Crystalline Clinic’s cutting-edge aesthetic treatments, providing clients with a comprehensive beauty experience that enhances both inner confidence and external radiance.

Together, Dabota Cosmetics and Crystalline Clinic are dedicated to redefining beauty through a harmonious fusion of skincare, makeup, and aesthetic enhancements.

Yetunde Elizabeth Anifowose aka Nurse Liz is an innovative entrepreneur and healthcare visionary leading the successful global enterprise, Crystalline Clinic Ltd, situated in London, Atlanta,Amsterdam and now Nigeria,

a distinguished advertising and marketing manager for major Fortune 500 companies, with a focus on pharmaceuticals and prominent construction firms.

Additionally, she left her mark in the beauty sector as a talented makeup artist, catering to brides and gracing the stages of London Fashion Week for several years.

Nurse Liz shifted her career towards nursing, ascending to the role of a respected senior nurse within the London NHS.

Despite her accomplishments in nursing, her heart remained in the beauty industry, fueling her interest in aesthetics.

Fondly known as “Crystalline,” she has gained recognition as the “King of Liquid BBLs,” showcasing her expertise and ingenuity in the realm of aesthetics.

Nurse Liz’s commitment, foresight, and entrepreneurial drive have positioned Crystalline Clinic as an industry leader, with her legacy as a trailblazer in healthcare inspiring countless individuals.