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Beauty for Ashes: Empowering widows, single parents to navigate challenges of life

Beauty for Ashes: Empowering widows, single parents to navigate challenges of life

In recent years, a troubling trend has emerged, shedding light on the rising numbers of widows and widowers grappling with not only the emotional toll of losing a spouse but also the economic hardship that follows.

This disheartening phenomenon has become a pressing concern, as individuals find themselves navigating the daunting path of widowhood, single parenthood, and separation in an increasingly challenging economic landscape.

The loss of a life partner can be a devastating experience, leaving behind a void that extends beyond the emotional realm. Widows, widowers, and single parents face a myriad of practical and financial challenges as they strive to rebuild their lives and provide for their families.

From the burden of managing household finances single-handedly to the struggle of finding employment opportunities, these individuals encounter numerous obstacles on their journey towards stability and self-sufficiency.

Furthermore, the economic hardship experienced by widows and widowers often exacerbates their already vulnerable position. In a world where income inequality and limited access to resources are prevalent, the financial strain can be overwhelming.

The absence of a second income, coupled with the additional responsibilities of raising children and managing daily expenses, creates a significant burden that many find difficult to overcome.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further compounded these challenges, as it unleashed a wave of economic uncertainty and job losses across the globe. Widows and widowers have been disproportionately affected by these circumstances, with many finding themselves without a safety net or sufficient support systems to weather the storm.

The sudden loss of a loved one combined with the economic fallout has created a dire situation for countless individuals, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive assistance and empowerment initiatives.

As a society, it is crucial that we acknowledge the plight of widows, widowers, and single parents and work towards addressing the systemic issues that perpetuate their economic hardships.

By fostering a supportive environment that provides practical guidance, financial resources, and opportunities for growth, we can uplift these individuals and enable them to rebuild their lives with resilience and dignity.

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It’s to this end that Restored By Grace hosted a transformative event titled “Beauty for Ashes” at AVMCC in Ikeja on July 7th, 2023. The event aimed to inspire and empower widows, widowers, and single parents who are navigating the challenges of life after loss.

Led by Seyi Oyedeji, the founder of Restored By Grace, a Christian Community Interest Company (CIC) organization, the event sought to provide solace and support to individuals aged 25-55 facing widowhood, single parenthood, and separation.

Since its establishment in 2017, Restored By Grace has been dedicated to guiding people through different phases of life, drawing on Seyi Oyedeji’s personal experience of loss and her desire to assist others in similar situations.

Christian Widows Widowers Empowered Initiative Nigeria founded by Beatrice Omowumi Yesufu, collaborated with Restored By Grace in empowering the widows and widowers during the “Beauty for Ashes” event.

The event featured an impressive lineup of speakers, each bringing their expertise and personal stories to empower the attendees.

Fanny Ekpekurede, President and Founder of Christ Life Spring Centre, shared her prophetic insights and guided attendees through the power of prayer and the word. Amb. Dr. (Mrs.) Unyime-Ivy King, Chairman of Protection Plus Services Ltd, lent her legal expertise, advocating for women’s and widows’ rights. Bisi Akintayo, CEO of G Text Suites, enlightened the crowd with her e-commerce knowledge and money-making strategies.

Tewa Onasanya, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, motivated the audience to unleash their full potential and live intentionally.

Naomi Osemedua, CEO of Centre Stage Company, captivated the attendees with her stories and humor, emphasizing the importance of human capacity development.

Wemimo Adebiyi, a professional Cognitive Behavioral Management Therapist, provided valuable insights into mental health and well-being.

Edirin Gloria Essiet (MCARB), a partner with Essiet, Egah and Co., not only shared her legal expertise but also highlighted her efforts in empowering widows through entrepreneurship via the Total Life Concern Widows Outreach.

Oluwaseun Foan Stephen, the founder of Patrick Stephen Purple Heart Foundation for Widows, shared her journey and the foundation’s mission to support widows in need.

Jesedamilare Adesegun-David, co-founder and CEO of Ennovate Lab, brought his expertise as an ecosystem builder, mentoring entrepreneurs and tech talents. Ayo Mairo-Ese (AME) served as the compere, ensuring the smooth flow of the event and engaging the audience with her charismatic presence.

The ‘Beauty for Ashes’ event provided a platform for widows, widowers, and single parents to receive solace, inspiration, and practical guidance. Attendees were empowered to overcome challenges, find purpose, and unlock their full potential in their respective journeys.

Through a combination of powerful messages, legal insights, entrepreneurial guidance, and mental health support, the event created an atmosphere of hope and encouragement. The collaboration between Restored By Grace and Christian Widows Widowers Empowered Initiative Nigeria demonstrated the power of unity in empowering vulnerable individuals, fostering personal growth, and bringing positive change to the community.

At the end of the event, the host appreciated everyone that made the event a success like Kings Logistics, and every other person and brand that supported the great initiative.