• Thursday, June 13, 2024
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AI, Branding and Brand Management

AI, Branding and Brand Management

By Feyisitan Ijimakinwa

Have you ever wondered if machines could understand your favourite brand the way you do? Imagine an intelligent system that not only gets your brand but can also predict your next creative move. That’s not science fiction – it’s the burgeoning reality of artificial intelligence (AI) transforming the very core of branding and brand management. AI isn’t just a trendy buzzword; it’s a catalyst refurbishing the marketing landscape.

Branding – that mystical bond between a business and its customers – is undergoing a renaissance. Brand management, once a human-dominated field meshed with intuition and experience, is evolving. AI, the silent but rapidly advancing partner, is turning branding into a data-fueled, hyper-personalised affair.

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Personalisation and Customer Experience

Have you ever stopped to think about how a website seems to read your mind, showing you products you actually want to buy? AI is the wizard behind the curtain, working its magic on customers’ experiences. Companies use AI to remember what customers like – pretty much like a friend who knows your tastes. Ever chatted with a customer service bot? That’s AI, tirelessly working day and night. It learns from your words, so it gets better at helping you, which kind of feels like having a personal shopper, doesn’t it? These smart systems mean you’re more likely to stick around, buying more, because let’s face it, everyone loves feeling understood.
AI is no longer the future. It has infiltrated our world in ways we never thought possible. We’ve seen AI used for processing large amounts of data, writing copy, answering questions, and most recently, the creation of hyper-realistic video via Open AI’s new product, Sora.

We have no idea where the widespread adoption and integration of AI in society could take us, but we’re fascinated by what it could do in brand marketing. Is it a case of jumping on board, or approach with caution? Well, how you use AI in branding is completely unique to your business. But one thing is for sure, AI should never replace human creativity.

At present, AI can be used in a wide variety of ways for brand marketing within an organisation, especially with the creation of assets and resources such as imagery, ad copy, on-page SEO and creative content.

Data Analysis and Insights

AI gives businesses x-ray vision into heaps of data about you and me. This isn’t just boring numbers; we’re talking about insights – the deep stuff that reveals what we love and what we scroll past. By predicting what might catch your eye next, companies craft offers and products that you’re likely to want before you even hit that search box. It’s like a game of chess, and AI helps businesses think five moves ahead. This can turn a new customer into a fan who keeps coming back, all because AI knew what flavour of fruit juice would be the next big taste.

Brand Reputation Management

In the digital age, a brand’s reputation can skyrocket or plummet overnight. Here’s where AI plays bodyguard, sneaking around the internet and listening to whispers about brands. It spots a frown or a smile in customer feedback or social media chatter, using sentiment analysis to gauge moods. With this intel, brands can dodge disasters and even turn a boo into a cheer. It’s like having a weather forecast for your reputation – you know when to bring an umbrella or when to bask in the sunshine, and when to tweak your ways to keep your customers feeling like VIPs.

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Innovation and Competitive Advantage

Change can be scary, but in business, the ‘wait and see’ approach can lead to a game of catch-up. With AI-driven innovation, companies are not just keeping up but leaping ahead. Think of a brand that’s always got something new up its sleeve – chances are, AI is its secret sauce. It fuels nifty marketing strategies and product ideas that keep a brand as fresh as morning bread. As brands ride the AI wave, they’re not only surfing current trends but making the waves other brands will want to surf on later, and that’s a thrilling sight to behold.

Your journey with AI in the realm of branding and brand management might just be starting, or you could be well on your way. Regardless, the undeniable truth is that AI is changing the game. It’s blending the analytical with the creative, the personal with the global. And as our virtual and real worlds continue to merge, who knows what dazzling horizons AI could lead us to next?

I don’t ever see AI replacing humans in creative roles within brand marketing, as the models are still nowhere near capable of replicating human thought (they also have some unfortunate drawbacks). However, someone argues:

“Despite its relatively recent appearance on the mainstream cultural stage, AI is already widely viewed by many marketers as being an essential tool. By extension, there appears to be a growing consensus that marketers who embrace AI in the present will have a significant future advantage. As the futurist Daniel Burrus recently [said], AI will not replace humans, but rather, “humans will be replaced by humans using AI.”

Last line
Organisation will and must still use a human to ensure that their use of AI allows them to be inclusive, representative and, above all, trustworthy. Blindly trusting and utilising AI could cause more harm than good. However, it’s also clear that AI represents a huge opportunity when it comes to brand marketing in the years ahead. Successful brand campaigns, excellent brand performance, improved user journeys and hyper-personalised contents are all within reach of forward-thinking organisations that can make AI work for them.