• Saturday, July 13, 2024
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AgroEknor: Pioneering sustainable agriculture for a better future

AgroEknor unveils project for women farmers

Agriculture today is about so much more than a farmer simply planting a seed, rearing a cow or catching a fish. It takes an ecosystem and several actors to work together to produce the food we need for an ever growing.

This type of agricultural production system has evolved over time through scientific discoveries and other innovations. It is this dynamic nature that will equip agriculture to cope with the competing challenges of addressing food and nutrition security, improving livelihoods, combatting climate change and sustainably managing natural resources.

AgroEknor, an impact driven ag-tech company focused on optimizing the Nigerian and African agricultural value chain for increased export earnings, is driving impact with its commitment to innovation and sustainability in this regard.

Through a range of initiatives and products, AgroEknor is boosting domestic food production, enhancing food security, generating employment opportunities, and increasing export revenue.

One of AgroEknor’s significant programs is the Farmers Education and Empowerment Program (FEEP). Through FEEP, AgroEknor seeks to increase farmer productivity by providing them with comprehensive support systems. These include farmer extension services, access to technological tools and machinery to reduce labor time and increase yield, provision of farm inputs, farm monitoring, and a sales infrastructure that connects farmers to markets.

A crucial component in achieving higher yield for Farmers is the innovative Yield Pro database software. Yield Pro serves as a centralized repository for essential data from farmers under AgroEknor’s extension services.

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This data is collected first-hand by agents in the field during various farming stages. By leveraging this data, AgroEknor’s agronomists analyze trends, identify challenges, and provide targeted interventions to help farmers improve their yield over time.

This data-driven approach enhances farmers’ understanding of their crops, promotes sustainable practices, and empowers them to maximize their potential.

Project Intensity is yet another vital aspect of AgroEknor’s commitment to impact and sustainability. The project aims to create a more robust farmer-producer framework, domestically and regionally. This is done by identifying areas where hibiscus is traditionally grown on a subsistence basis and working with the community to transform these places intoto commercial agri-hubs hubs.

The Green Code project underscores AgroEknor’s dedication to empowering farmers with tools to increase efficiency and reduce labor time.

By providing essential agricultural tools and equipment to farmers, their productivity is enhanced while minimizing strain.

FEEP’s impressive achievements include empowering over 13,000 smallholder farmers, by providing essential resources such as fertilizers, phones, solar machines, and farmers’ kit bags. As a result, FEEP recorded an astounding 75 prrcent increase in yield per hectare during harvests.

Furthermore, the program introduced an alert tool that offers targeted farmers precision farming advisory, reducing post-harvest waste and spoilage significantly.

The impact of FEEP also goes beyond just increasing yields, as AgroEknor’s sales infrastructure has facilitated direct sourcing, of over 10,000 tons of produce, delivering a total trade value of over $7 million dollars since Inception.

AgroEknor’s holistic approach to data-driven agribusiness is transforming the hibiscus value chain, and as the company expands its global footprint, its dedication to impact and sustainability remains at the core of its endeavors.
By integrating various projects like FEEP, Yield Pro, Project Homeland, Project Intensity, and Green Code, AgroEknor is creating a more resilient and sustainable agricultural landscape.

Attah Musa Anzaku is the Executive Director Investor, AgroEknor International