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A Review of Mazi Nwonwu’s How to Make a Space Masquerade and Other Speculative Stories

A Review of Mazi Nwonwu’s How to Make a Space Masquerade and Other Speculative Stories

Title: How to make a space masquerade and other speculative stories

Author: Mazi Nwonwu

Publisher: Narrative Landscape Press

Year of Publication: 2023

Number of Pages: 190

Category: Short Stories

Mazi Nwonwu’s “How to Make a Space Masquerade and Other Speculative Stories” sparks deep reflection, despite its fictional nature, prompting readers to ponder the potential future path, particularly regarding advancements in AI and related technologies over the next five decades.

Within this collection of 12 short stories, Nwonwu possesses the ability to unsettle readers and stimulate contemplation about the future, even for those initially seeking light fiction. However, for enthusiasts of fantasy literature, Nwonwu’s work is certain to captivate and inspire deeper contemplation of the explored themes.

It’s intriguing how his stories both entertain and provoke thought about potential future scenarios. As technology advances, it’s conceivable that some of the depicted scenarios could become reality in the foreseeable future.

The book’s settings, spanning from Earth to other planets, enhance its allure and engage readers, particularly those passionate about fantasy. These unconventional and varied settings immerse readers in the author’s imaginative universe, keeping them engrossed in the narrative.

Nwonwu’s forward-thinking approach and skilled writing captivate readers, reflecting his profound appreciation for fantasy literature or films, evident in the high quality of his work in this captivating book.

While reading, maintaining attentiveness is essential, as the narrative may keep prompting deep contemplation. However, the author’s writing style ensures sustained engagement, whether the reader’s mind wanders or remains fully absorbed.

It’s interesting how certain stories in the book leave readers craving further development, despite their short length resulting in an abrupt ending. Nevertheless, “The Coming of the Orten” emerges as a tale with potential to expand into a full-length standalone novel.

Readers may find themselves pondering the author’s thought process and creative inspiration, ultimately concluding the book with ease due to its accessible writing style and compelling narrative.

The blend of reality, fiction, and fantasy in this book enriches the reading experience, offering readers a multi-dimensional journey through imaginative worlds.

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