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A review of Emike Oyemade’s Substance Abuse and Youth Mental Health

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Title: Substance Abuse and Youth Mental Health

Author: Emike Oyemade

Publisher: Jotham Publishing

Year of Publication: 2023

Number of Pages: 64​​

Category: Self-Help

“Substance Abuse and Youth Mental Health” by Emike Oyemade is a powerful and insightful book that addresses the complex issue of substance abuse among young people. It offers valuable perspectives for teenagers and parents alike.

As you read the book, you’ll encounter thought-provoking insights that challenge common perceptions of substance abuse. Oyemade sheds light on the potential short-term benefits and long-term uncertainties associated with relying on substances, making readers reconsider the true impact of such choices.

This book is packed with practical tips for addressing substance abuse, discussing the inadequacy of turning to substances as a solution to life’s challenges. Additionally, it familiarizes readers with the slang terms commonly used by young people, enhancing awareness and understanding of their communication.

Each chapter concludes with thought-provoking questions that encourage deep reflection, enriching the reading experience. For parents troubled by the prevalence of drug use among youths, this book offers explanations and guidance, empowering them to recognize and respond promptly to signs of potential substance abuse in their children or other young individuals.

While peer pressure is acknowledged as a significant influence on substance abuse, Oyemade also highlights other unnoticed causes, emphasizing the importance of raising awareness without instilling fear. The book underscores the critical importance of attentive parenting and is likely to leave readers bookmarking multiple chapters due to the wealth of valuable information it presents.

Importantly, the book highlights the urgency of addressing substance abuse in young adults and advocates for discreet but immediate action by parents upon discovering such behavior.

Oyemade’s compassionate approach is evident in the various solutions provided for individuals struggling with substance abuse. However, including personal anecdotes and success stories from individuals who have overcome drug challenges could have added depth, given the author’s background as a counselor.

As an adult reader, it is highly recommended to obtain extra copies of the book and share them with teenagers in your community. Such a gesture can be a valuable gift, contributing positively to shaping their future.

“Substance Abuse and Youth Mental Health” is not just a book but a crucial resource for anyone looking to understand and combat substance abuse among youth. Its blend of practical advice, empathetic tone, and insightful reflections makes it an indispensable read for parents, teachers, and young people themselves.

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