• Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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A peep into ‘Lagos,’ the name of a restaurant in New York getting a lot of buzz

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Lagos is Nigeria’s largest city, it is also the name of a restaurant in Times Square, New York that is getting a lot of buzz.

In New York City, Nigerian culture is on the rise. More and more Nigerian restaurants are coming up. Lagos is one of them. In the heart of Time square, New York, is situated a West African eatery and lounge with a lovely vibe, Lagos.

This is a restaurant that serves the cuisine of Nigerians. The food served in Lagos has been described at spicy, full of flavour and yummy.

In Lagos, there is a lot of dinning action. The place is quite large. When you first work in, you are in a dinning area, and there is a long bar. If you decide you want a private place to relax and eat, there is a provision for that upstairs.

The whole restaurant invites you with amazing aroma of Nigerian cuisines.

Some of the cuisines served in Lagos are spicy snails, suya, stew chicken, red stew, smoked jollof rice, and ‘Ewa Agoyin’, a popular Nigerian dish made from mashed beans served with a spicy pepper sauce amongst others.

Dish after dish, every bite in Lagos is a true flavoured adventure.

There is also the spicy pepper soup which is perfect for the winter time and if you have a cold.

The cocktails are also great and have the best names. Some of the names of the cocktails are the Gold Digger, Elephant in the Room, amongst others.

At Lagos, you’ll always get a fusion experience. It is where food, music and culture collide in the tastiest way.