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A leader transforming lives: The multifaceted world of Adenrele Onikosi

A leader transforming lives: The multifaceted world of Adenrele Onikosi

Adenrele Onikosi is a dynamic force who shatters expectations and empowers executives to redefine their leadership journeys. Though he wears many hats, but his focus remains singular: igniting the leadership potential within individuals and organizations.

As the Founder/CEO of Conegelics Consulting International Ltd., a company dedicated to people transformation, Onikosi transcends the traditional consultant label. He’s a publisher, author, trainer, and advocate, weaving a tapestry of leadership excellence through diverse avenues.

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He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria-MCIPM and a Licensed Human Resources Practitioner with the HRPL designation from the CIPM. And also a Learning and Development Specialist(LDS), from the LDNI (Leaning & Development Network International) an affiliate of ATD, USA.

Onikosi noted that communication is the biggest job of leadership.

“Communication is the biggest job of leadership, open and transparent communication with all stakeholders will significantly improve a leader’s effectiveness.

“However, because we know that it is a skill that can be learned, we have developed programs to help the confidence of leaders to be able to speak in public with clarity and panache. Effective communication is essential for leaders in different scenarios; from communicating with stakeholders during challenging times to being able to communicate clear expectations of what they need from their team. Communication is the life wire of any business and leaders must be able to wield it effectively to provide them with the desired outcome”.

Onikosi who has an extensive experience in coaching, leadership, and brand management said all the skills are capabilities a leadership coach should be able to have in order to add value to the client.

“All these skills are capabilities that a leadership coach and consultant must be sufficiently skilled to be able to serve well and bring unparalleled value to their client. Hence, I do not envision them as diverse areas but the many components of a whole, due to this understanding, there is no issue of balancing”.

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On the common challenges leaders face, he said: “The fundamentals of leadership are universal; however, the specifics must be adapted to the context of the operations of leadership. The Leadership of leaders is called to question when they are disconnected from the people or stakeholders which they are supposed to be accountable to.

“Therefore, as a way of addressing some gaps we have observed in leadership over the years, we designed our Leadership boot camp with 2 tracks; one track to address the character development of the leader, while the second track addresses the skills required to be good leaders”.