• Thursday, November 30, 2023
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A collection about expressing emotions and true feelings – A review of Tolu A. Akinyemi’s The Morning Cloud is Empty

A collection about expressing emotions and true feelings – A review of Tolu A. Akinyemi’s The Morning Cloud is Empty

Title: The Morning Cloud is Empty

Author: Tolu A. Akinyemi

Publisher: The Roaring Lion Newcastle

Year of Publication: 2023

Number of Pages: 68

Category: Poetry

Right from the get-go in Tolu A. Akinyemi’s ‘The Morning Cloud is Empty,’ you’re hit with a whirlwind of emotions. This book delves deeply into the realm of feelings and the inner journey that all of us embark on.

‘The Morning Cloud is Empty’ does a fantastic job of depicting the various emotions we encounter in our daily lives, and the poems cover a wide range of subjects. As you read through this collection, you’ll come to the profound realization that it’s entirely natural and acceptable to express your emotions as a fundamental part of being human.

If you find it challenging to express your feelings, this book undoubtedly provides valuable guidance on effectively conveying your emotions, despite its poetic form. There are valuable life lessons to be extracted from the verses and stanzas.

For those who openly share their emotions, these poems will serve as a poignant reminder of the experiences they’ve lived through during specific phases of life.

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In these poems, anger stands out as a pronounced and unmistakable emotion. If you’re familiar with the author’s previous works, you might notice a subtle undercurrent of anger for the first time.

Akinyemi subtly conveys disapproval toward a specific individual, and only those well-versed in the intricacies of social media will pick up on the nuanced aspects of these comments.

While it may amuse the reader, it also offers insight into the author’s strong feelings of anger and the underlying reasons. Twitter Blue: £6.99 monthly for a badge of legitimacy/for Twitter blue/ I am a legitimate poet. / I will use my pounds and pennies to/ end world hunger; / not on a party blundering into darkness.

Once you’ve delved into this collection, you’ll come to understand that expressing your emotions is perfectly normal and carries no negative connotations. It might also provide you with some valuable insights on how to do so effectively, particularly if you’d prefer not to come across as lacking in empathy.

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