• Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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A Christmas miracle

A Christmas celebration – sort of


Stella and I dated for over two years. She was hot. Yes, she was hot in her looks and in her temperament. I struggled with the idea of proposing to her but I was worried. I was worried that she could get physical one day and harm me or do something irrational. I’ve seen her throw a fit several times and it didn’t always end well. Then there was something else, Stella was such a spendthrift. Her salary was exhausted before the middle of the month, then she resorted to borrowing money from other people. She didn’t even have a plan B source of income to support her frivolous lifestyle. The negatives about Stella outweighed her good sides.

Once upon a time, I traveled to the United States for an official assignment. I had a lot of free time on my hands so I decided to do a tour of the city. I landed in a Magical Arts shop on Pearl Street somewhere in Granbury, Texas. I was drawn to an abstract painting titled, “The Pentagram”. It looked complicated but I liked it a lot. As I looked admiringly at it, an old lady emerged from behind a door and asked if I was married. She looked into my eyes and said, “Only a woman with depth will like this one and when you find her, keep her”. The only woman in my life at the time was Stella and she loved artworks so that could be the confirmation that I was looking for? (or not).

I returned home with my ‘good luck painting’ which I hung in a very conspicuous corner in my living room yet no one noticed it, not even Stella. I chided myself for believing the little old lady.

Months rolled by and it was nearing the end of the year, Christmas was around the corner. This time of year was a reminder of my ‘bachelorness” because while everyone was planning to spend time with their families, I had no plans at all. Stella would be visiting her family up north and I was going to be by myself.

Anyway, as it was a normal tradition for me to give gifts, I had asked the reception at work to help me order some ginger bread cookies that I could give away. It was three days to Christmas and I was at home expecting my order. The door bell rang and the baker lady murmured a greeting as she walked past me to drop the boxes of cookies on the centre table. She walked back to her car to pick up the rest of the boxes and I caught a whiff of her perfume. (Hmm she smells nice, I thought to myself, and she looks familiar). She bent down to drop the last set of boxes and as she got up, her eyes caught the artwork on the wall. She looked at it intently for a few seconds but it seemed like an hour to me, I was hoping that she wouldn’t say anything… (in my head I screamed, “get out already)… but she didn’t leave. I gasped and almost choked on air as she spoke glowing about the painting. A total stranger had just admired “The Pentagram”. I’ll be damned. I had to know more about her. Who was this lady? So I asked her to join me for a drink but she refused. She gave me a tough time before she eventually gave in.

So, the baker was Margret from my office..( that’s why she looked familiar). She joined the firm two years earlier but we never talked. She thought I was obnoxious and unfriendly so she made sure our paths never cross. She was right, I didn’t talk to most people from her unit because they seemed uptight and nerdy. I obviously judged wrongly.

I couldn’t believe how much Margret and I had in common. She was an amazing woman. At work, she always wore her hair in a tight bun on top her head with her glasses always sitting on her nose but that day she had her hair cascading down her shoulders and she looked incredible. After talking for almost four hours, I didn’t want her to leave hbut she had other deliveries to make. It was obvious that the feeling was mutual so she promised to visit again. She came back on Christmas day and we spent the whole day together. I had no doubt in my mind that she was the one for me. But Stella! how was I going to tell her that our relationship was over. She would hunt Margaret down and give her a showdown. I didn’t want that to happen.

Well, I didn’t have to worry for long because Stella made things easy for me. On boxing day, I received a text message stating that she wasn’t getting any younger and she was tired of waiting for me to propose to her so she was leaving me for some guy she just met, he was a Malaysian based business man who was ready to settle down as soon as possible. This was definitely my second Christmas miracle.

It’s been thirteen years since Margret and I got together. We’ve enjoyed absolute bliss, peace and a lot of love. Christmas is here again and I am thankful as always for the best thing that ever happened to me. The best gift I ever got.

Sure you’re wondering what happened to Stella? Well, sthe joined her lover in Malaysia and no one has heard from her ever since.

The End.

NOTE: To all my readers, here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Have a good one. Please Stay safe…. Udy.