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A bed of roses

A bed of roses

Henry and I got married as a favor to our parents because they were friends for a very long time and wanted their relationship to transcend them. Henry and I were the sacrificial lamb so to say.

Anyway, whatever feelings I managed to conceive for him overtime vanished after I discovered that he was a two timing, cheating maggot. Our parents and our church leaders advised us against getting a divorce because “God frowns at it”. I was also bound by the “what will people say” cliche.

Henry and I lived like flatmates. We have been sleeping in separate rooms for as long as I can remember and we only spoke to each other when it was absolutely necessary. My children and my job were the only things that gave me joy.

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I worked in a multinational company for many years but resigning to join DoubleD Investment Company (DDIC) was the best decision I ever made.
DDIC was co-owned by Mr Danny Rogers and his brother in-law (Damian), who ran its sister company in Australia.

I wasn’t going to be paid as much as my former job but I was going with my gut anyway.

Mr Rogers was an amazing boss and his beautiful wife Anna had taken a liking to me, we got along quite well. So when she lost her father, I wasn’t surprised that she called me to be part of the planning committee for the week long funeral ceremony.

We arrived Ann’s hometown and delved right into the ceremony. Of course her brother Damian was around but I only saw him from afar. I could swear that I caught him starring at me a couple of times and his stares gave me butterflies. I can’t remember ever feeling that way. It was a strange feeling.

Damian was meant to return to Australia immediately after their father’s interment but he chose to stay back for a few months. He was at the office every working day and for some reason we always had work to do together. It was very easy to talk to Damian. We had deep conversations about life and we talked about personal things. There was a lot of unspoken words hanging but it was obvious that we liked each other. The chemistry was undeniable.

Damian also respected the fact that I was a married woman and he knew he couldn’t pursue anything with me.
He opened up to me about how he withdrew into himself after he lost his wife in a fatal car crash in Melbourne and this was the first time he was opening up to another woman.

We tried to keep up our conversations after he returned to Australia but sometimes I couldn’t help thinking that there was really no need pushing for what wasn’t going to be. On the other, I was still legally married to my husband and I didn’t want to be involved in an emotional affair with another man.

Our conversations were slightly labored but we continued the struggle to keep whatever we had going.

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Things were still awkward between Henry and I but I could tell that he wasn’t looking good. I would have looked away in the past but for some reason, I just couldn’t ignore him. Henry was nonchalant about so many things including his health but after much talk, I was able to convince him to go to the hospital.

The diagnosis was startling. Henry was HIV positive and because his immunity was low, he had other infections that affected his bloodstream and he had sepsis. The doctors tried all the could but Henry had a septic shock which led to his death. His burial took place almost immediately as instructed by his parents.

I didn’t know how to act like a widow because I have lived like one for the longest time. I didn’t even know how to mourn Henry, infact I didn’t know how to feel. I only observed the mourning period in respect of my in-laws and not in honor of the dead. Besides, I didn’t want any bad named labelled against me. So exactly three months later, I jumped right back into my work.

Did I mention that Damian had waltzed back into my life like he never left? He started with commiserating with me after Henry’s passing and he never stopped checking on me afterwards.

One cool evening, as I was walking towards Mr Rogers’ office for an impromptu meeting, I was hit by that familiar scent, it reminded me of Damian and I smiled. I still had the smile on my face when I opened the door, and there he was, sitting in all his Damianess. I was shocked at first, then I took a moment to let it all sink it before I ran into his arms. When Damian held me close to his heart, I knew he was never going to let me go. I knew this was where I was meant to be. I knew this was right. I knew this was home.

My heart was beating, I had fuzzy and fluttery feelings in the pit of my stomach, there was goosebumps all over my hands and legs. It felt strange but I guess this is what love feels like.

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Damian and connected in so many ways and it felt like we’ve known each other for a lifetime.

It all makes sense now, my gut feeling was right after all. In the end, leaving a multinational company for DDIC was worth it. I had to be there to get what was missing in my life… and that was my happiness and peace of mind.

I always thought that marriage is not a bed of roses but Damian has proven that I can have more in spite of my age… the bed he’s given me has tulips, roses and much more. It’s never too late to find true love.