• Monday, February 26, 2024
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2023 Slangs and their meaning

2023 Slangs and their meaning

Slangs are like secret codes for Nigerians, making our conversation fun and hilarious.

Every year new slangs are created and the year 2023 was not left out.

Here are 8 slangs that trended in 2023 and their meaning.

Let the singles breathe

This slang was coined from President Bola Tinubu‘s pre-inauguration speech where he said “Let the poor breathe; don’t suffocate them; we have that responsibility” while addressing Nigerians. It’s commonly used to remind couples who excessively display their love online that single people exist and should not be pushed out of the internet due to overwhelming display of affection.

Dey Play

This actually trended in 2022 but still found its way into 2023 trends. This phrase is a playful way of telling someone to stop acting foolish or wasting their time.


Idan is the go-to slang for describing someone influential, unique, powerful or someone who has done something outstanding.

On Colos

This slang is commonly used to question someone’s sanity or if they’re speaking reasonably. For instance, when someone says something impossible like ‘One billion is the new one thousand,’ another might respond with ‘On colos’ to express disbelief or question the statement’s logic.

You Go Explain Tire; No Evidence

The was first used by a Nigerian singer, Burna Boy, where he said, “You go explain tire, no evidence”. Essentially, it means that if you can’t provide evidence to support what you’re saying, your explanation won’t hold weight

Izz Going

This slang means “It’s in progress”. For instance, when someone shares they’ve completed their first semester exam, the friend’s response, “Oya na, izz going,” implies encouragement or acknowledgment that the process or journey is ongoing.

Groceries and floating berries

This classic slang refers to a combination of garri (cassava flakes) and groundnut.


Made popular by dancer, Poco Lee, this Yourba slang means “it has gone”, “it is what it is” or “that’s all”.

And to 2023, we say “Oya na, izz going”.

Cheers to the new year.