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10 weird laws from around the world

10 weird laws from around the world

Ever gotten so frustrated with a situation you just wished there was a law against it? Like,your spouse forgetting your anniversary and facing a month of dish duty, or dealing with people who curse forgetting basic manners? Me too!

Here are 10 such weird laws from around the world that address such scenarios.

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It’s illegal to forget your wife’s birthday – Samoa

In Samoa forgetting your wife’s birthday would earn you nore than just the usual silent treatment,, you risk a 5-year jail time if you do.

Splashing water over the pedestrians – Japan

With a fine of up to 7,000 Yen for splashing mud or water on pedestrians in Japan.

It is illegal to stop unnecessarily on the Autobahn – Germany

Germans believe that drivers are responsible for keeping their cars fueled, so running out of gas is seen as the driver’s fault. Walking on the highway is dangerous, and having a stalled vehicle on the road or its side poses risks to other drivers. Therefore, it’s essential to keep an eye on your gas gauge and refuel when it’s low to avoid breaking the law and endangering yourself and others.

It’s illegal to wear a fake mustache in an Alabama church

Wearing a fake mustache that makes people laugh is prohibited in Alabama churches. This law aims to prevent disruptions during religious services. The intention is to maintain solemnity and respect during church services, ensuring that attendees can worship without distractions.

Offensive gestures and swearing

Using offensive gestures and swearing in Kenya and UAE could earn you some prison time or deportation. Itis considered illegal to use swear words and make insulting or rude gestures in public.

Naming a pet pig after state heads – France

To all those people who name their pets after their neighbors or friends, this law is for you. Why will you name your pet after your friends or neighbors in the first place? Anybody who names their pet after friends or neighbors should be made to pay the sum of 1 million naira to the victim.

Sing only in the key – North Carolina

In North Carolina singing in an off-key is considered an illegal act.

It’s illegal to reincarnate without permission – China

Tibetan Buddhist monks are not allowed to reincarnate after they die unless the government grants permission.

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The cops can bite dogs – Ohio

In Ohia,there is a weird law that allows the police department to bite a dog if they think it would help the dog calm down.

License plate of a vehicle – Philippines

Vehicles with license plate numbers ending in 1,3,5,7, and 9 are prohibited to use the roads on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Vehicle license plate numbers ending in 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8 may not use the roads on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

While these laws might seem unusual, they offer a glimpse into the unique cultures and customs of these places. They can go a long way in navigating the sometimes-crazy world we live in.