• Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Vivajets to facilitate regional connectivity leveraging business aviation

Vivajets to facilitate regional connectivity leveraging business aviation

Vivajets, an aviation company providing a full range of aircraft management services, fractional ownership opportunities, and aircraft sales and acquisition, has reeled out plans to facilitate connectivity for travellers, leveraging its broad experience and services in the business aviation industry.

Vivajets which is one of the companies under Falcon Aerospace Limited, alongside digital platforms, CharterXE and FlyPJX promises to bridge the connectivity challenge within Africa, give investors an opportunity to own aircraft without fully paying for them well as provide jet maintenance services for operators through its partnership with jet manufacturers across the world.

Speaking during a press conference to unveil Vivajets in Nigeria, Erika Achums, CEO of Vivajets said today, that business aviation has become a major enabler of business around the world and this is particularly noticeable in Africa, an evolving economy with a vibrant, youthful and increasingly enterprising population.

“Whether through a private jet or aircraft charter, business aviation travel is one of the greatest facilitators of this growth in innovation.”

Achums said one of the companies that has positioned itself to meet this rising demand on the continent is Vivajets, an aviation company providing a full range of aircraft management services, fractional ownership opportunities, and aircraft sales and acquisition.

“As an African company, Vivajets is rooted in the idea of a more integrated and prosperous Africa via business aviation. The commitment to continuous innovation and the leveraging of technology for efficiency are some of the values constantly reflected in our business operations and corporate culture,” he added.

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According to him, the company is borne out of the need to bring Africa together and facilitate regional connectivity, adding that they want to be a part of the new African story.

“We want to be the next set of people who would retell the African story. When people and organisations try to trade within Africa, they are faced with connectivity challenges. For instance, to travel to Gabon from Nigeria which shouldn’t take up to two hours, will take an average traveller several hours as they have to travel to Ethiopia to connect flights.

“A one hour 30 minutes flight within Africa would take an average traveller nine hours because he has to connect flights and movements cannot be facilitated.

“We are trying to break this barrier by utilizing the power of business aviation. With Vivajets, you can fly directly from Lagos to Gabon and all other African destinations,” the CEO explained.

Tejumade Salami, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Business Excellence, at Vivajets; said with services such as charter brokerage, aircraft acquisition, fractional ownership and aircraft management, Vivajets ensures every aspect of business aviation is being addressed.

According to her, through the company’s charter services, individuals and organisations can charter jets and go anywhere within Africa.

“Through our fractional jet ownership model, we give people the chance to own jets without fully paying for them. We also have the ability to maintain these jets for them. We give clients the opportunity to own jets with a minimum of 500 thousand dollars,” Salami said.

Jonathan Abechi, Head of Dynamics, said Vivajets has invested in technology that would enable it to predict the next maintenance phase for all its aircraft.

“We are fully enrolled in the manufacturer plan as regards spare parts delivery and can get spares delivered to us from anywhere around the world within 24 hours. We have support systems from manufacturers regarding the airplane we manage,” Abechi said.