Air Peace explains price differences on south-eastern routes

Following the recent attacks on Air Peace on social media concerning its ticket prices in southeast regions of Nigeria, the airline has explained how ticket fare pricing is done.

This is as the airline noted that it does not discriminate against the South East, adding that it is the same fare that is loaded for all the routes all over Nigeria.

“Our fares start from N23,000, and progress to N60,000 which is our highest Economy Class fare. For a 136-seat capacity aircraft(12 Business and 124 Economy), the fare is allocated thus: N23,000 – 10seats; N27,500 – 20 seats; N30,000 – 25seats; N33,000- 15seats, N35,000 – 15seats; N42,000 – 10 seats; N47,000- 5seats; N50,000 – 5seats, N55,000 – 5seats and N60,000 – 14seats.

“These fares are loaded into the system for all Air Peace destinations- North, East, South, and West. No discrimination. If the first 10 seats of N23,000 fare finish, the system will automatically start showing the next fare which is N27,500. If the allocated seats on this are booked, it will migrate to the next until it gets to the last 14 seats pegged at N60,000,” Air Peace explained in a statement issued to the media.

The airline further explained that as the aircraft gets fuller, the higher fares start showing up, and on the Eastern routes, because of traffic, get sold out faster than some places thereby showing higher fares faster.

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But the other destinations, though slower, will also pay the same higher fares as they get fuller too, the airline stated.

The airline management stated that it is highly mischievous of anyone to be accusing Allen Onyema and Air Peace of ethnic favouritism.

“To feather their parochial interests, these propagandists say we favour the North. They published on social media a fare of N95,000 to Owerri and a fare of Kano showing N35,000 for the same date.

“The N95,000 fare is not our Economy fare but our Business fare. It is deceptive for anyone to deliberately bring out our highest Business fare for Owerri and juxtapose it against a Kano Economy fare selling at the time, thereby making the unsuspecting reader think that the Owerri passenger is paying N95,000 for the same class of ticket which the Kano person was paying N35,000 for.

“Our fares are the cheapest in Nigeria for our type of aircraft. Even during the Christmas season, we do not increase fares. The N60,000 Economy ticket is there all year. During Christmas, you fly empty planes back to Lagos from the South East, yet we keep to our all-year-round Economy fare of N60,000,” the airline stated.

The airline recalled that when it came on board, there was a paucity of flights in the South East and it provided several flights, making transportation easier for the Easterners.

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