OkadaBooks For The Weekend Featuring The Riveting ‘Blurry Lines’ by Feyi Aina, And Other Amazing Books

A little birdie told us you’re worried about what to read this weekend. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. These books come highly recommended. Also, don’t forget to check out our amazing Black Friday deals. We’ve got many wonderful books going on mindblowing discounts, up to 90% off!

1. Blurry Line by Tayo Emmanuel

Blurry Lines follows the story of a single dad, Nathan Araba, who had to raise his two kids – Uzor and Nkechi – all by himself following the death of his wife. However, they get stuck in London while on a holiday visit to Nathan’s brother and his family because of the outbreak of the coronavirus. Sadly, while on the holiday, Nathan loses his brother, David, to the novel coronavirus. And it’s now up to Nathan to care for his deceased brother’s wife and son, along with his own two kids while also developing an unlikely romance with their neighbour, Zoe. Continue Reading.

2. Love Happens Eventually by Feyi Aina

What Happens When your Uncle Suddenly stops being your Uncle?
Nifemi Ajayi is single, not searching and not expecting to ever get married. When her younger sister trips at a family wedding event, a visit to the hospital puts her in the sights of Dr Esosa Aghomo. There is instant chemistry. Esosa ticks every box on her checklist and there’s no reason not to invite him to her grandmother’s 60th birthday celebration. Then her uncle, Toba, shows up at the party, tall, handsome, and grown out of his teenage awkwardness. He is much cooler than Nifemi remembers and is sporting a sexy new girlfriend who is the cynosure of every eye present.
A death in the family and a will reading reveals a big family secret and the truth about Toba’s parentage. This raises many questions for Nifemi, topmost of which is how to handle an uncle who is no longer exactly an uncle. Even more when she finds she can’t trust Esosa. Continue Reading.

3. 6 Extremely Easy Ways to Die in Nigeria by Ogbu Eme

Death comes to us all, but it can come too easy for those of us in Nigeria. Explore with a perfect mix of humor and seriousness, how living in Nigeria has become an extreme sport, and how you can beat the god of death at his game. Continue Reading.

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