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How Vince Offer built a multimillion-dollar comedy brand

How Vince Offer built a multimillion-dollar comedy brand

The first thing you need to know about Vince Offer is that nothing will stop him, not even failure or the fear of it.

“I think I l have learned the most from trying and testing things out,” he says. “Observing and making notes on what works and what doesn’t, and especially failure always makes you that much better.”

The ability to parse through what appears bleak and find opportunities has been how the Israeli-born entertainment guru has carved a niche for himself in Hollywood, starting with his days at a free-for-all TV channel known as Public Access.

“I loved comedy, especially street humour which I saw a lot of in Brooklyn, very irreverent and politically incorrect comedy that was taboo. I thought I would do TV skits that would portray that because you couldn’t find it back then in the 80s on TV,” Vince says about his starting point.

Fortunately, his show was a hit and his path as a film writer and director was being crafted.

From there, Vince worked on 10 skits for a programme called ‘In Living Color’ and helmed by “I got a call from Tamara Rawitt and starring the Wayan brothers and Jim Carrey.

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With his confidence at a sky-high level, he started to work on more original content that included two skit movies The Underground Comedy Movie low budget, and then another sequel to that called Inappropriate Comedy.

In 2006, he began to start making infomercials about a special type of towels called ShamWow. Filmed with a budget of $7,000, it received critical praise and put Vince on a pedestal that has seemingly not stopped since then.

“That commercial helped make ShamWow a household name and sales went into about 100 Million in about one year. SlapChop followed, and that cost 100K to make, and did about 50 million in about a year.”

After creating his own production company, Square One Entertainment, Inc, Vince is now looking to pivot to bigger projects.

“I am working on 2 TV shows with some very top producer and executives in Hollywood,” he says. “One is a TV talk show about Political Correctness, and the other is a reality show about product. Hopefully it’ll do for TV what Shamwow did for Commercials.”