Radisson Blu Ikeja entices with another local cuisine

In an effort to continually improve on its hospitality offerings, Radisson Blu Ikeja never ceases to amaze its local and international guests with an array of exciting cuisines, which are on offer on the daily buffet across its restaurants.

Once again and innovatively, the hotel is infusing indigenous local cuisines into continental offerings, leaving the guests with many exciting options.

The innovation is a great deal because it showcases Nigerian delicacies, in line with its efforts at encouraging guests to be proud of their culture and heritage, which is authentic enough to be marketed to the world.

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The Radisson Blu has indeed done this in the recent past when it introduced the Amala Blu Ikeja (another local cuisine of the Yoruba culture) to the weekend buffet and brunch for all. The next to make it to the list is the Ewa Agoyin (mashed beans with fried pepper stew) eaten with different combos of yam, bread, plantain, garri or even plain. Not to write about how delicious the food is, it is well sought-after in the streets of Lagos and in the western region of Nigeria.

The hotel constantly infuses the rich local culture, while maintaining international standards.

The best part of having the special Ewa Agoyin on Radisson Blu Ikeja menu list is the experience. If you are familiar with Ewa Agoyin, you would understand why the experience is important. The locals prefer to have it with popular bread called Agege, despite the fact that there are different breads readily available to enjoy it with. Do not forget to go with someone and try the new offering on the menu because it is best enjoyed with friends.

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