Enjoy local flavor in Radisson Blu Ikeja style

It is obvious that when a meal is well-prepared, it draws attention and often becomes a favourite in town.

That is the case for amala, a delicacy from the South West of Nigeria. In Lagos, finding the right Amala spot is, no doubt, a tasking food search.

However, Radisson Blu Hotel Ikeja is making the search seamless with the introduction of an Amala spot in the hotel’s buffet section.

Meanwhile, for discerning diners who ask what makes Amala Blu Ikeja the new buzz in town, and if the delicacy is not made from the same old recipe, the hotel’s amala offering is different.

Firstly, the Amala & Abula, which is the original indigenous name for Amala, is made in its truest form and the fact that guests get the local goodness in a five-star hotel like Radisson Blu Ikeja is just a beauty that has blessed the year.

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The soft, fluffy and lump-free specialty is accompanied with the perfect Abula (Gbegiri & Ewedu), combination guests can get anywhere but not like the unique Blu Ikeja offering. The fact that Iya Titi comes all the way from Offa, Kwara to Blu Ikeja every weekend for the perfect delight explains why Amala Blu Ikeja is now guests’ perfect bet. It is not all about the Amala as the delicacy is accompanied by all the assorted meat there is; Saki, Pọnmọ, Ogunfe, Roundabout, Fuku, Ẹdọ, among others.

“So wherever you are in Lagos, particularly the Ikeja axis, looking for the best place to get Amala bukka style, setting your taste buds right with Amala Blu Ikeja is just the perfect favour you can do for yourself, and also get the first-hand experience on how the original taste of the local delicacy is.

“You are welcome to dine in Radisson Blu Ikeja for the amala buffet every weekend from Friday to Sunday to enjoy as many local delicacies as you want”, the hotel management urged.

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