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OkadaBooks For The Weekend Featuring Olu Balogun, Chinwe Egwim, and Lara T. Kareem.

Variety is said to be the spice of life. So, for this weekend’s edition of highly recommended OkadaBooks reads, we’ve got a beautiful mix of books for your reading pleasure – An epic adventure; A simple guide for understanding how the Economics of the World works; and A passionate love story that may see you dueling with your tear ducts. These are all great books, potential Bestsellers in their own rights, and they’re eager to be read by you. Let’s dive in!

Not just Another Interlude by Lara T Kareem

Another alluring read from Love Africa Press’ bosom…

Sewa’s decision to steer her love life in the direction she wants instantly backfires, prompting her to halt her quest for love and focus on other more important things like getting a job. Fate has its own plan and puts her in the path of the man of her dreams, Jide. Jide isn’t afraid to go after what he wants. Crossing Sewa’s path more than once, he doesn’t leave it up to chance because there is something special about her. When their budding relationship suffers a huge blow, Jide will have to prove that love is worth fighting for, to Sewa. READ MORE.

Understanding Economic ‘Jargon’ by Chinwe Egwim

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Because technical terms in any field can be off-putting, leading Economist at FBNQuest Merchant Bank (an arm of FBN Holdings) Chinwe Egwim, took it upon herself to write a book that carefully breaks down important economic indicators, a.k.a jargon, to give you the much-needed boost to stay ahead in these uncertain times, now popularly known as the ‘new normal’. This is a good read, see for yourself HERE.

Kingdom of Africa by Olu Balogun

After 8,000 years, the princess of the sun; Power, is finally ready to leave her parents behind and come to earth, to discover her destiny. She has been chosen to become one of the Seven; a group of higher beings who protect the Kingdom of Africa. But to do that, she must first contend with the evil that lives inside her.
You don’t want to be left out of this enthralling read from the author of the 2019 OkadaBooks Bestseller ‘Aisha & John’. READ HERE.

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