Take a trip into the workings of the mind of an exclusive call girl, this weekend on OkadaBooks

When talented, but financially disadvantaged fashion designer, Tishe signs up at an escort agency, she has a plan and it’s a simple one. But like most things in life, her plan doesn’t go as expected. Our headliner for this weekend, Tishe, tells the not-often-shared story of a call girl. It paints a humane picture of a professional many would frown at without giving a second thought.

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You should know: There’s plenty of sizzling, electrifying romance scenes inside. Happy reading!
1. Tishe (The Story of an Exclusive Call Girl) by A.S. Amah

Tishe signs up at the agency for two reasons – to make money to see herself through her final semester of fashion school and to jump-start her career in Fashion Design. The plan is easy, so she doesn’t have problems sticking to it until she catches the attention of one of the most eligible bachelors in the country, an exclusive client of the agency. Richard Doherty is everything any escort dreams of in a client. He is young, good-looking, sexy, and rich as sin, but she soon finds out, that behind that perfect exterior is a possessive, obsessive, and dangerously jealous monster. One who would stop at nothing to have her, and at any cost. Continue Reading.

2. Secrets of Agent 13 by CS Duru

Colin Benz, aka Agent 13, is 25, darkly handsome, ambitious, and willing to take a chance. Oryana Yelkinzi is 10 years older, petite, twice divorced, wiser, and worth millions. When a chance telephone conversation for a property valuation brings them together, it sets him on a roller-coaster path of sex, jealousy, lies, and a romance that will change his life forever. Continue Reading.

3. Love Pour Over Me by Denise Turkey

Raymond is the only one from his neighborhood to make it out of poverty. Women adore him, and the men want to be him. Yet, he’s pushed over the cliff of fear growing up as a child in a home with an alcoholic father, who he still lives with. Amid it all, is an unsuspecting love that comes through for him in Brenda, a naive yet deeply loving woman. There are secrets, the stakes of truths are high, and Raymond has to run away from everything and everyone, including Brenda. Will Raymond’s desperate attempt to hide from his troubles permanently keep him from the only woman he was born to love? Find out.

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