• Monday, April 15, 2024
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NFW Group partners ‘Ije Awele’ movie producers to support start-ups with finance

NFW Group partners ‘Ije Awele’ movie producers to support start-ups with finance

NFW Group Limited, a venture capital investment firm, has partnered with the producers of the Nigerian film ‘Ije Awele’ to provide financing to startup companies and small businesses.

‘Ije Awele’ tells the story of adoption, revealing a little peek into what it can be like to place a baby for adoption and to adopt a baby. It sorted out serious, realistic, disturbing, bleak, psychological, and rough issues about the adoption of a child without adherence to the law.

According to John and Jerry Bernard, CEO of NFW Group Limited the group is poised to make an in-roads into the film industry with ‘Ije Awele’.

“We are happy to begin this journey with such a powerful movie,” he said in a statement.

The movie produced by Emeka Nwokocha, and directed by Emeka Ojukwu star actors like Victoria Nwogu who takes the audience on an adrenaline-pumped emotional rollercoaster as her character (Awele) highlights the issues of coming of age, youth, sexual abuse, abuse, violence, rape, and teenage plots.

“The document is divided into three parts. The first part titled Understanding Social Justice in Nigeria seeks to set a context for the social justice milieu in Nigeria and beyond. It shares a primer on the concept, background, and principles of social justice as well as the legal framework within which social justice operates,” he said.

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Nwagbara stated that the second part of the document on Tools and Tactics for Effective Social Justice Advocacy looks at ways in which key approaches can be employed to achieve results in Social Justice Advocacy.

“These include practical how-to tips on media advocacy, community organizing, advocacy in the most unlikely places as well as ensuring an effective feedback mechanism and citizen engagement.”

He added that the final part hinged on Advancing Social Justice in Nigeria. It considers issues such as how to bridge the confidence gap in social justice advocacy in Nigeria by addressing the problem of trust deficit between the Nigeria Police Force and citizens.

Using the conflict-prone North East as a case study, another chapter shares guidelines on how to advance social justice advocacy in Nigeria.