LTTO project wants young Nigerians to re-embrace letter writing

Until the internet disrupted how people communicated, letter writing was a prominent means of communication. Across a few streets between senders, thousands of kilometres apart or separated by oceans, letters were for centuries conveying messages, emotions, and virtually everything else that humans needed to communicate.

With technology taking a prominent role in recent decades, the concept of Computer-mediated communication (CMC), which borders on any human communication that occurs through the use of two or more electronic devices, has changed approach and style in communication.

A new project by Lagos-based Streamline Media is, however, hoping to change this reality. The firm says it wants to “instil empathy through letter-writing,” through a project called “Letter To The One” (LTTO)”

A statement by Valentine Ohu, CEO, Streamline Media, described it as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility, which would see the project running for a six-month period. In the first phase, the project aims to provide educational and writing materials to communities and by extension instilling empathy in communication among millennials, in a digitized world.

“The goal of LTTO is to foster stronger connections among friends, family, lovers, etc. and is also hoped to reignite the character of patience and empathy in our everyday messaging,” the company’s statement reads.

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This objective is said to inform the need to creatively nurture a desire for literal communication through proactive programs that will make writing materials available to young children across Nigeria’s 36 states, with the initial target of 500,000 children. It is hoped that through this project, primarily funded by the company, children across the nation can benefit from the project.

In a webinar earlier organised, Ohu had explained that sending messages on social media platforms are not as real as they seem, and feelings can be hidden through emojis. On the other hand, letter writing can come in different forms because it comes with connections and emotions. The goal of ‘letter to the one’ LTTO is to foster stronger connections.

Nana Araba Acheampomaa, content strategist at Streamline Media, had also emphasised that “letter writing is quality, and also (creates) emotional attachment. Letters used to be a form of expression but we have lost this over time. We used letters to express our emotions and also communicate with our loved ones.”

The vision at Streamline Media, she said, is to redefine the way brand stories are told, with compelling strategies that convert, while driving growth and expansion for clients.

“We welcome, and are actively engaging key partnerships with notable not for profit foundations with a desire to, and are involved in rural education, to reach as many children and young adults as possible within a six-month period,” the statement also said.

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