Kolaboy releases 5-track extended play, ‘Kola from the East’ featuring Flavour

Nwodo Chinonso Victor, a fast-growing Nigerian artiste, popularly known as Kolaboy, has released a five-track Extended Play (EP) titled ‘Kola from the East’ with classic highlife featuring Flavour and other big names in the music industry.

He said he is promoting the tracks, which he described as ancestral sounds.

“The first is a feature with Flavour titled ‘Normal Thing’, the second is ‘Ojabili’, featuring MC Young, the third ‘Utotommiri’, featuring Iyi Don, the fourth is ‘Eze’, featuring Ojadili One while the fifth one is ‘Uwa Mgbede’,” he explained.

According to him, working with the big names was a dream come true because they are pioneers, and he grew up listening to them on television.

The new songs, he said, are getting airplay and rocking airwaves in the music world, even as he said that work has started on the video.

Giving insight into his style of music, Victor said Africans do afrobeat, but he feels that there are some sub-genres in that style of music.

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“When I started music, I wanted to be peculiar and do things differently that was why I came in with the storytelling brand, where you make songs out of stories of yourself. The first song I made was a storytelling one, ‘Hello Mummy.’ It was basically a fictional and non-fictional story about myself, and that was before I started exploring other aspects of music, including highlife. What I was trying to do with my brand was like a bridge between our ancestral sound and this modern sound,” he said.

On the song that gave him public acceptance, he said, it was a cover of Olamide’s song ‘Motigbana,’ which was not an original song for him.

The Enugu-born artiste started his musical career by performing at social gatherings in secondary school.

“I was the social prefect back then, that was when the music stuff began and I started recording independently in Onitsha,” Victor said.

“I do not see any limit on how to go far in the industry. It is not really a competition; it is like a brand where it keeps going and when a brand goes higher than another, people see it as competition. I do my thing and I do not really see any limit to where my brand will get to tomorrow. I do not see it as an African brand but as an international brand,” Victor said.

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