• Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Gocreate Africa launches music monitoring technology, digital distribution service

Gocreate Africa launches music monitoring technology, digital distribution service

Gocreate Africa, a Nigerian-based technology company, has launched music monitoring technology, digital distribution service across the African continent.

The technology company is also spearheading the drive to digitize the entire African creative industries by providing its Music Recognition Technology (Go Monitor) to Collective Management Organizations across Africa, to enable effective management of copyright works and equitable royalty collection and distribution.

The development is in line with its mission of making technology-driven solutions and data available to all African creative industries, thereby translating the creative marketplace into a digital ecosystem, where all intellectual properties are properly tracked, monitored and monetized.

The new technology, Go Monitor, is a music recognition technology (MRT) that is able to monitor musical works and sound recordings across broadcast platforms, both digital and analogue, digital service provider platforms (DSP) and monitoring of music in event venues, hotels, concerts and lounges.

The technology was deployed successfully in Nigeria in partnership with the Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria (MCSN) in June 2020, with thousands of musical works being monitored across top broadcasting platforms with tons of data being processed around the clock, the deployment of Go Monitor has also significantly increased MCSN’s membership and repositioned the organization.

Go Monitor is scheduled to be deployed in Ghana, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Uganda, South Africa and a number of other African countries by the first quarter of the year 2022.

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On the other hand, Go Distro is a DIY digital distribution service that allows artists and record labels to self-distribute their music to over 150 digital stores globally with free radio airplay monitoring in key territories across Africa, including NFT and blockchain distribution with visibility to a global audience.

Speaking recently at the Ghana Music Industry Conference hosted in conjunction with The Music Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Asha “Gangali” Fapohunda, managing director and co-founder, Gocreate Africa, noted that the technology is now available globally on the web, on Android and IOS platforms.

Asha Gangali stated further that Gocreate technology has been under development for over six years before it was successfully launched in Nigeria. “We understood through extensive research that the primary cause of revenue loss in Africa’s creative sector is due to lack of data, and digital solutions. Gocreate has been able to provide the solution to these problems with the deployment of “Go Monitor” a digital solution for copyright and royalty management”, the managing director said.

According to Asha Gangali, Collective Management Organizations across Africa can now onboard Go Monitor service, which provides radio/ TV airplay data including DSP Reporting. It will enable CMOs to distribute catalog specific royalties and close the revenue gaps in the music industries by instituting full compliance to copyright laws. The technology company insisted that the initiative will empower African talents and secure music publishing revenues both locally and globally.

Gocreate Africa is a one-stop shop for the music industry; it provides solutions for collective management organizations, as well for record labels and independent artists.