• Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Wine, dine in the sky with mega carriers


You probably won’t feel okay if you hear an announcement from the cockpit that throughout your long hours of flight, you won’t be taking any meal or taste water, drink or wine.

You would rather not want to take that flight because it will be boring for you to be on air for hours without anything to change your taste bud.

But that is not the case anyway, with many airlines, except, of course, the low cost carriers which may decide not to give anything on board during your flight, because you probably have not paid for it.

With many mega carriers springing out in recent times, out of mergers and acquisition, there is bound to be numerous in-flight offers, associated with mega carriers, for travellers.

The business traveller expects service, comfort and perks. With hi-tech sky-beds, super-quiet cabins and a lounge bar that could rival any of Sydney’s small bars for relaxation, an Emirates, British Airways (BA) or Delta’s business class flight can be almost as much fun as the destination.

For travellers on British Airways Club World, the menu is inspired by some of the world’s top chefs. The Club World menu combines the finest local and international produce in a range of exquisite dishes, from contemporary to classic.

Its tempting options aim to satisfy every gastronome, from healthy eaters to hearty appetites.

To accompany your meal, take advantage of its imaginatively selected and expertly sourced wine cellar, stocked with old and new world wines.

From the Club Kitchen, some great British food in conjunction with the airline’s caterers have teamed to stock an exciting selection of snacks and treats for you to enjoy in-between meals, along with its usual top quality wines and soft drinks.

From the globally recognised names of Waitrose and Cadbury to smaller local producers, the suppliers have been selected for their unrivalled quality and their commitment to providing the highest standard of service to teeming customers, whether you’re looking for a healthy snack or something more indulgent, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

With healthy nibbles, hot healthy whole wheat wraps, and a daily supply of freshly cut fruits, specialty handmade shortbread from Devon artisan bakery Teoni’s and boxed mini pastries from Beckleberry are all mouthwatering on board the BA Club world.

Also, with hand-cooked crisp and savoury sensations from premium brands Salty Dogs and Darling Spuds plus all-year round ice cream from the London-based Ice Cream Union with a range of regionally inspired flavours (on selected routes), you are bound to be treated to a feast in the sky.

There are also traditional British sweets and Cadbury chocolate to bring your taste bud life on a long trip.

Food is often the make-or-break when judging a flight. So, on your flight to the United Arabs Emirates, especially Dubai, you will feel well-nourished, perhaps to the point of spoilt, by the finesse of meals like an Arabic mezze plate, a grilled salmon with plum tomato sauce and grilled vegies, and a cappuccino brownie dome. Everything is halal, plus the vegetarian, low-calorie, gluten-free, diabetic and low-sodium options.

The best perk of all is seeing cocktails, canapes and — gasp — room to mingle — on a plane. I am talking about the sky lounge available to business and first class travellers. This futuristic Jetsons pod centres around a well-stocked bar manned by a perky bartender/hostess making friendly conversation with tipsy couples.

In the sky lounge, you can pick a French wine and take your place on one of the two wall-hugging lounges (which have seatbelts should turbulence interrupt your martini).

Also, Antipasto is always available at the bar — very handy for those nimbly moments between meals and movies.

You can also enjoy Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson’s wine onboard Delta Air.

Using her vast knowledge and unparalleled palate, Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson has selected a host of fine wines for BusinessElite. Andrea even tests every wine in-flight to make sure they taste just as good at cruising altitude as they do on the ground.

Enjoy the distinct personality of her selection when you fly intercontinental and transcontinental BusinessElite on Delta.

With selection such as Laboure-Roi Pouilly-Fuisse,

Indaba Chenin Blanc; Piccini Sasso al Poggio, Benziger Family Merlot; Champagne Jacquart Brut Mosaique, France; Chateaux La Rame Semillon, Cockburn’s Special and Reserve Port, you can be sure to have a swell time on board.

The airline has teamed with renowned chef Michelle Bernstein to create a delectable five-course menu, featuring seasonal delights and regional specialties.

When you fly BusinessElite, you are treated to cuisine that rivals any fine dining establishment on the ground.

“Our international five-course dining menu features seasonal delights and many regional specialties. Each entrée pairs perfectly with our selection of fine wines carefully selected from Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson”, the airline says.

BusinessElite seasonal Lunch/Dinner selection from most United States cities in January, April, July and October includes Grilled filet of beef served with demi- glace sauce, wasabi mashed potatoes, snap peas, stuffed chicken breast with cornbread and chicken sausage, gravy and haricot verts.

There are also strozzapreti pasta tossed with eggplant and cherry tomato sauce and cold plate of beef tenderloin and gravlox, egg mousse stuffed tomato and jicama slaw.

As for Etihad Airways, the national carrier of the UAE, you will expect to see fine wines from a selection of fine which offers the perfect accompaniment for your meal; whatever you choose to dine on, you will find a wine that enhances the flavour and enriches the experience.

You can enjoy a complimentary bar service in whichever cabin you choose to fly in. Then choose from an extensive selection of fine wines, selected from some of the best vineyards in the world.

You can choose from an extensive á la carte range or the airline’s ‘Anytime Kitchen’ menu and relish the flavour and freshness of the finest ingredients that go into the creation of dishes, all prepared by our award-winning chefs.

With your personal chef and Food and Beverage Manager, the onboard fine dining expert will help you find the right dish to suit your mood and the perfect accompaniment for your meal.