• Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Treaven Travels unveils new online portal for travellers


Treaven Limited Travel and Tours, one of the leading travel agencies in Nigeria, has unveiled its new online portal that would help people to make ticket bookings, airports transfers, tours and cruises among others very seamless.

Trends affecting the travel industry generally include changing customer demands, increased expectations in terms of value and convenience, and increasingly knowledgeable consumers who are themselves users of IT.

The firm continues in its evolution of information technology that has had a considerable impact on the travel agency service industry. The widespread public use of the Internet has created a number of conditions that have been game-changers – in both beneficial and detrimental ways – to the modern travel agency.

As a result, many travel agencies in the 21st century have had to make considerable adaptations to remain solvent and relevant.

Unveiling the online portal, www.farecatalogue.com, recently in Lagos, Ifie Ezenwa-Ugwoke, managing director of the firm, stated that the firm had travelled far and wide to know that the future of the business lies on information technology, stressing that before now there used to be paper ticketing which has been phased out, stressing that she was one of the few people who helped to pioneer e-ticketing in the travel industry.

She stated that e-tickets have added flexibility, security, convenience and cost-savings as against the use of paper tickets.

According to her, if passengers lose their printed information, they can access it again. E-tickets are more difficult to steal; as well – only the person with the proper ID can use the e-ticket.

With paper tickets, airlines might charge a fee to replace lost or forgotten tickets. The airline industry estimates that it would save $3 billion per year if it used e-tickets only.

Her words, “Things are very easy now. You do not need any phone call; all you need to do is to go online. You can book your tickets, airport transfers, tours, cruises. We brought a service that looks like a mirage to your steps. It is an international travel portal.”

Speaking in the same vein, Diran Oloyede , general manager (sales-Nigeria), admitted that travel trade in Nigeria was fast changing, adding, “More importantly, the passengers who are bread and butter, when they want to travel, we make sure we give them the best.”

He promised that Kenya Airways would support Treaven Travels, describing it as a win-win situation.

It would be recalled that while computers have been an integral part of the travel agency business since their widespread adoption, the information age has brought considerable new benefits. Data can be stored more quickly than in the past thanks to higher-speed hardware and better software.