• Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Secrets of Southern Sun Ikoyi


As the story of Southern Sun Hotel on 47, Alfred Rewane Road (Kingsway Road), Ikoyi-gets bigger and better, so is the testimony of its customers; testimony  of being over pampered! And the secret of the hotel is in its services. Its services are nothing but world class. Southern is indeed ‘born again’. Its relaxation arena is among the top in the area. From the reception of the inn, where professionally mannered service men/women are swiftly ready to make life easy to customers, to its different lounges spread across the building to create peculiar cosset in needing customers, made it a place many company CEOs cannot do without!

Though, Southern Sun’s horticultural inclination which easily conveys the symbiotic relationship between man and green environ remain the same, its story can also be described as ‘drama unfolding’ because its management keep ma king frantic efforts to create improve charming ambience!   

The union between its bar & restaurant located on the ground floor is not just intact, but has continue to complement each other as ‘committed companion’.  Its affairs are still situation of ‘two is better than one’. The bar supplies what the restaurant does not have and the restaurant, like a devoted wife-exist to meet the needs of customers who love products of the bar but desire to hang out at the restaurant.

Southern Sun’s air-conditioned mini bar with complimentary Wifi services has continue to provide alternative for business minded associate who wants to discus dealings in friendly environment without noisy interference. It is a serious place for business related networking for both white and colour races in incredibly relax atmosphere. It is a meeting point where business partners’ discus with a glass of wine, coffee, tea or whatsoever partners decides to have.

There are variety of delicious dinner at the restaurant where buffet breakfasts are served along with lunches, light meals and cocktails; chicken pepper soup, BBQ (Suya) etcetera. The exquisite Mezzinie Lounge is on the first floor created for guests who just want a quite meeting and at the same time have chow from either the bar or the restaurant. Then the Sunday Brunch when customers specially come with families and friends to enjoy the best of the best Southern Sun has to offer.

If there is anything still the same at Southern Sun, is its lack of love for cigarette. The sight of a stick of cigarette remains abomination in its lounges. Ashes of cigarettes are deemed not suitable for Southern Sun’s royal floor. But still available is its temporarily outdoor terrace where respected smokers can do their thing and then return to the bar for a complete relaxation.

The bar which runs three shifts a day (morning, afternoon and night) accrual 24 hours services has continue to be a place of absolute quietness. Sound of music-whether in low or in high tone is not allowed at Southern Sun. The bar is expected to be quite at all times and extremely tranquil at night primary for those who crave such atmosphere.

At night, the whole bar goes mild and placid; arresting and bringing to submission all the worries that may have followed the customers to the bar; thereby bringing customers to freshness and stillness.

The lounges sofas have also received newness. Its acute pliability is enough to soften the already stiffed buttocks of customers having driven several hours in Lagos’s gridlock.

Southern Sun also offers 24-hour fitness facilities, free breakfast, Bar/lounge, Dry cleaning/laundry service, meeting rooms, business center, Sauna, free self parking, ours/ticket assistance, Steam room, In-room accessibility, Multilingual staff and outdoor pool.