• Monday, March 04, 2024
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Save money, pack light, cheap for travel this season


The Christmas season is here and so it comes with packing all sorts for travel, especially by air where you know the aircraft will bear the burden.

But that is not to say you will not be affected.

If you are not involved in carrying the heavy load because you packed every Tom, Dick and Harry in your travel bags, you will definitely pay for it because they could be extra luggage to the airline.

To avoid paying above your budget while travelling for the season, you need to think twice by planning your baggage.

It is not all that comes to your mind that you try to put in your bag so you don’t cough out what you can’t bear at the airport.

If you live away from home and you’re thinking about heading back for the holidays, it can be tricky to decide what to pack to cover all the bases – from Christmas parties to catching up with old friends over coffee. Especially if, you are limited by some low cost carrier’s or even premium airlines’ luggage restrictions.

If you have been thinking about what you should be packing so as to make the most of what to take, here are some tips that will guide you.

If you are thinking of packing party dresses,  choose two or three versatile party dresses in a solid, festive colour which you can wear again and again. Go for items which you’ve worn before and you feel comfortable in – it’s not nice to feel like you’re being asphyxiated by your Peter Pan collar at an open bar.

Pack some Jeans with you, this is because you can’t go wrong with a good pair of jeans.

As for outerwear, think about taking two items: one nice coat you can wear to parties or even over a pair of jeans for a smart/casual event, and one jacket which keeps you warm. Try to make sure the colours match the rest of your clothes.

For Tights, take a pair in black and a couple more in different colours to mix up your party dresses. Black dress with shocking pink tights or Red dress with mustard tights

Taking some Sweaters like two or three warm, comfy sweaters will take care of those times you’re just hanging out at a friend’s house watching a movie.

Take Tank tops and shoes. This is because you need extra layers if it gets cold Don’t overdo it. Take one pair of pretty heels or flats to wear with your dresses, and one pair of trainers or boots for travelling and everyday wear.

Also, you could take one big bag to carry all your essentials and one little clutch for parties.

Then think of dressy tops and Scarves. You can pair these with your jeans and a pretty coat for a smart/casual look.

Don’t forget to take take four or five in different colours to jazz up your sweaters and transform your outfits.

Other things to remember include your underwear and make sure you take up some jewellery and perhaps a hat or two.

You may also need Hand sanitizers. This is easy to forget but crucial to have! Always wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer after playing in the sand – because children and adults who build castles and dig in the sand at the beach are at greater risk of developing gastrointestinal diseases and diarrhea than people who only walk on the shore or swim in the surf, according to research.

You could also take along with you travel mug or stainless steel.  For instance, insulated travel mugs keep your drinks icy cold, and your morning coffee hot and fresh.

You can take them to the beach or pool, and enjoy larger serving sizes. As far as toxins go, there is the report that stainless steel travel mugs are better than plastic. With iPad or related electronic accessories too, you could ease yourself of carrying Magazines or Newspapers.

Nail polish and manicure set are also important for his and hers.

Some all-inclusive resort vacation had a spa, but the manicure, pedicure, and massage prices could bee too expensive for you, therefore, whenever you go on holidays — all inclusive vacations or not —always bring your own spa supplies especially, if you love painting nails.

Of course, don’t forget to take money with you. Check the credit card rates before you go – it may be better to take cash than charge up your credit card at an all inclusive resort (sometimes, they charge extra for spa services, off-resort trips, souvenirs, etc).

And of course, don’t forget your identification:E-documents and travelling Identity Cards.

One of the following: Photo ID such as Passport, Drivers License, Birth Certificate, Travel Visa, or Proof of Citizenship), Travel Insurance (unless you opted out)

It’s always a good idea to pack a photocopy of your passport picture and information page even if you’re going on an all inclusive vacation that you think will be 100 percent safe.

Also, leave a photocopy with a family member at home.

By: Sade Williams