• Monday, June 24, 2024
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Perishable cargo export takes shape as mega carrier enters Nigerian market

‘APM Terminals Apapa upholds inclusion, equity, and diversity’

The ongoing development of 14 cargo terminals for the export of perishable goods may started to attract the attention of the international community as mega cargo carriers are beginning to show interest in the export of such goods.

Sanya Airways, one of the carriers, which is based in Atlanta in the United States but which is operated by Nigerians, is set to commence operations into the country from the world’s busiest airport in Atlanta, using a B767-300ER on Aircraft Crew Maintenance Insurance (ACMI) programme.

Although, export of perishables is relatively low in Nigeria due to lack of awareness and equipment for preservation, Sanya Airways says it will initially operate weekly on a continuation leg to Lagos from Liege in Belgium and then ferry to Namibia where it will airlift perishables to Liege.

Segun Adesanya, chief operating officer of the airline,  said the B767 venture enables the company to market perishable exports from South Africa to Europe which is growing rapidly.

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“In addition, the  operation will provide inbound capacity for Sanya Shipment in Europe and USA for onward connectivity to its West African network, the service is also good for delivering products that are bought online from abroad by the African traders.

“The aircraft loading capacity means we can offer payload of up to 45 tons as well as accepting long and oversized pieces, giving a new dimension to our business to and from Africa. We are very excited with this new venture that will be cost effective cargo solutions to freight forwarders, traders, online users for heavy and outsize pieces, energy equipment, tie critical cargo, dangerous goods and others,” he said.

He added that the Airline will provide competitive pricing, offer block space, backloads and other commercially innovative solutions that are value-added service to its clients.

He disclosed that the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company plc(NAHCO), the foremost ground handling company in the country, will provide the trucking and warehousing solutions for the company.

Already, there is no cargo airline that operates direct flight between Lagos and Atlanta, except for Delta Airline, a passenger carrier, which does part of it.

Adesanya, who identified the need to develop the business of cargo in Nigeria, advised government to do all it can to bring the business to limelight in order for bigger companies to tap into it.

He said for instance, the US airport authority had already granted Sanya Airways 12-month free landing and 12-month free office space as incentives to encourage such businesses, adding that apart from developing the airports which are supposed to be the gateways to export,  Nigerian government can look into granting concessions to companies.

Also speaking, Oluwole Adeyemi, chief executive officer of Broadline Services, the logistics company that will see to customs formalities and documentation for the company, disclosed that they are already in partnership with the 14 airports being repositioned, adding that Sanya Airways will explore everything needed to begin operations before Summer this year.