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Office or restaurant, decide how to use your cabin on AirFrance


To ensure your comfort and well-being throughout your flight, Air France has designed a new personalised Business Cabin, now available on some intercontinental flights.

The new cabin serves as office, restaurant, entertainment lounge and bedroom but you will decide how to use the cabin to meet your needs.

You will love the contemporary design and subdued elegance of the Business seat: a graceful shape, padded upholstery, footrests, leather armrests, topstitching on the headrest and metallic finishing touches. Every detail is designed to ensure your well-being, comfort and privacy throughout your flight.

The seat becomes a helpful travel companion, adapting to meet all your needs.

If you need to work or take some rest or sleep, adjust the seat to the position that is right for you.

According to the airline, ‘the new Business seat represents our vision of the travel experience, presenting benefits including; a fully flat bed; direct access to the aisle for every passenger; a multipurpose area (desk, restaurant table, bed) offering even greater privacy.

Air France works to make sure you get a peaceful night’s sleep in a seat that transforms into a full bed. Nearly 2m/6.5 ft in length, it is made of comfortable materials and an armrest that lowers completely. With this additional space, you are free to find the sleeping position that is right for you.

Take advantage of accessories designed to help you avoid jet lag: an XXL feather down pillow and a soft duvet in glacier blue and warm grey.

In the Business cabin, each of your electronic devices—smartphone, tablet and laptop—has a secure place in the storage areas. You can also charge them using a personal power outlet and USB port.

Your personal storage compartment features an elegant red interior and contains noise-reducing headphones as well as a mirror. Store your daily-use items here to keep them close at hand.

You can also adjust the lighting to meet your needs: reading, ceiling and ambience lighting. You are free to orchestrate the flight you want!

Turn on your 16-inch HD touchscreen and transform your space into an entertainment lounge: movie classics and blockbusters, foreign films in the original language, concerts, documentaries, TV and music, games and more are at your fingertips. Updated every month, our varied programming gives you plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself. Your getaway starts as soon as you get on board!

Inside the new business cabin, you will discover the new business cabin using the virtual tour platform.

Explore this privileged space, featuring a contemporary design, spacious cabins and subdued elegance and enjoy a relaxing and superior travel experience.

A culinary adventure

In the business cabin, your culinary voyage begins with a glass of champagne.

Next, several ambassadors of French cuisine compete to wow you all throughout your trip.

Throughout your meal, you will discover the creations of Michelin-starred grands chefs (great chefs) like Régis Marcon, Michel Roth, Joël Robuchon and Guy Martin.

These chefs have prepared both savory and sweet delicacies: aperitifs, appetizers, hot entrées, cheeses, pastries, sorbets and fruits. Your taste buds will tingle with delight.

Service à la française (French style) means allowing you to personalise your dining experience by choosing your meal in advance.

From Asian inspirations to fresh seafood, we have crafted a variety of “A la Carte” meals that will make each of your trips a unique culinary experience.

To complete your meal, you also receive the appetizer, cheese selection and dessert from the daily menu.

Then discover our Japanese Menu on flights between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Japan. Savor the refined flavors of an authentic Japanese meal, from appetizer to dessert.

A trip through wine country

By traveling in the Business cabin, you also have the chance to discover or rediscover classic wines from every region of France on the wine list. Savor them in sleek, elegant glasses designed by Jean-Marie Massaud.

Hot beverages and digestives round out this delectable and unique culinary experience.

On all the flights, the airline serves carefully prepared meals adapted to your travel time.

For breakfast, it provide a selection of warm pastries.

At lunch and dinnertime, you receive a complete, delicious meal including an appetizer, main course and dessert.

And for all flights over three hours, on offer are; a welcome beverage, digestive liqueurs and coffee with a pastry.

In addition, cocktails (with or without alcohol) are available by request on all flights.

But if your flight is provided by one of its partner airlines, Air France services may not be available onboard or at the airport.

Meanwhile, earning miles on Air France is easy: simply provide your Flying Blue card number every time you fly.

And there are plenty of other ways to earn Miles: have your Flying Blue card ready when you book a hotel stay, rent a car or shop online and you will earn even more Miles. With Flying Blue, you can earn two types of Miles.

Award Miles can be used to purchase award tickets, services associated with your flight, or products offered by the airline partners. They never expire, as long as you take a qualifying flight (any flight awarding Level Miles) at least once every 20 months.

In addition, Level Miles enable you to upgrade your Flying Blue card level to take advantage of more services and benefits.

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