• Monday, July 22, 2024
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It’s a new beginning with nature, leisure


Once again, the New Year, which was kicked off a few hours ago, is already rolling.

If you had taken your leisure, rest or holiday for granted last year, it is time to give priority to them because of their health, productivity and other benefits.

But while there are many leisure offerings to choose from, the best is always nature and its numerous trappings.

Of course, the ever-enticing allures of nature are not hard to find. They are everywhere; from the lush green gardens and parks, the refreshing ocean breeze at the beaches, the beautiful landscapes and breathing sites to unique cultural events built around top destinations.

As a matter of importance, resolving to find time to relax and delight in nature’s beautiful abode, will do you well in terms of health, lifestyle, business and leisure this year.

They are really at your doorstep. As much as one works hard this new year, one of the resolutions should be to treat oneself to the best of leisure.

In doing so, it will do you good to allow the power of nature to nurture your body and soul this new year.

You can go horse riding. It is an incredible experience to be on the back of such a strong and beautiful creature. You can ride through on the sprawling beaches, on a trail in a scenic area with one or more other people. The length of time varies, depending on the location and the price paid.

Visiting a botanical garden will also heighten your communion with nature. The flowers may take your breath away. The education and experience that you get during your visit are priceless. You may have to pay extra for special exhibits and to view various parts of the botanical garden, but it is worth it.

A picnic in the park where you can watch the sun set will not be a bad idea. Pack a lunch, a fluffy blanket and head to your nearest park. Sit together with your loved ones or even alone as the case may be, enjoy fantastic food and experience a sunset that you may never forget.

One sure thing is the experience on the several kilometers of sprawling beaches that nature blesses the country with. Taking a walk on the beach in the evening is both a romantic and inexpensive date with nature. Look out at the huge ocean, feel the sand beneath your feet and for lovers, great conversation with each other may be the magic. Why you must do this is that when you go in the evening, you get to view the colors of the sky and water in a whole different light than if you were to go during the day.

Go on a bird or wildlife watch. The ability to see these giant animals in their natural habitat is something that everyone should do at least once in their life. Going while on a date with one’s lover is the perfect opportunity. Both of you will be in awe and it is an experience that you can share together.

Find time to relax and delight in nature’s beautiful abodes.

They are at your doorstep. For beach lovers; the Akodo Beach, Badagrey, La Campagne Resort, Port Harcourt beach, Ibeno beach in Akwa Ibom, among others are ever ready to welcome you on a visit.

Afi Mountain Sanctuary and Mambilla Plateau are relatively good and offer some kind of safari tours. The Obudu Mountain Resort, Shere Hills, Afi Canopy Walk among others will surprise you with their fantastic ecotourism potential. A return visit will confirm the timelessness of their allures. City tours to Olumo Rock, Idanre hills, parks and monuments cannot come short of visitors’ expectations because there are many exciting things that will clue their eyes to the attractions. For the family-minded, the good thing is that most of these escapes have attractions that make for an excellent family location. There is always something for everyone to do.

The truth is that the excitement will usher you into your private retreat and set you in the mood for leisure.

To live a healthier life and enjoy your stay in these destinations, play soothing music of your choice as you relax in a hot shower or bath. The heat of the shower or bath is relaxing to the muscles and rejuvenates your body.

Tell yourself about five things you really appreciated that day. Even on the worst of days there are some things you can reflect on that can make you smile because smiling is a natural releaser of stress.

Laughter is a huge part of releasing stress; the more you laugh the better you feel and it makes the bad things not seem so bad. Sometimes, some of the events of the day are great ways to find laughter.

Find a sport that you enjoy and can give you a release. No matter your choice of relaxation, do the things you love. When you love doing something you are more inclined to stick with it and enjoy it. Find a way to release your stress and live a healthier lifestyle without anger, stress, and the ability to be stronger.

And in some cases, turn off all TV, radio, and sounds and allow yourself to sit in silence while you release your stress for the day. Meditation is a strong source, but if you are not into meditation then just a simple few minutes of silence help control your thoughts and release stress.

To avoid unnecessarily delays or possible disappointments this year, you may need to book hotel, flight, spa, concerts and museum reservations in advance.

Happy New Year!