• Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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InterContinental: Truly Lagos’ hospitality hotbed


Before berthing in the Nigerian market with its Lagos outlet, InterContinental Hotel Group hoped that its entrance will improve services, products offerings, facilities, and most importantly, see to the influx of skilled manpower in the sector.

While sitting very relaxed in his office recently during an interview, Didier Coeln, general manager, InterContinental Hotel Lagos, confirms that the five-star hotel has changed the way hospitality business is run in Nigeria.

Looking back with satisfaction at the feats the hotel has achieved in few months of operations in the Nigerian market, the French-born general manager notes that guests now experience truly five-star services, owners are happy, while staff more skilled.

“It is obvious Nigeria now has a reference point in hospitality service and product delivery. But we are just starting, there is more room for improvement and we will not let down the confidence and standards InterContinental Hotel Group has and wants to sustains in Lagos, a city that is seen as a thriving commercial hub of West Africa,” the general manager notes.

But apart from changing the Lagos skyline, the multibillion naira 23-storey five-star hotel building, which is the tallest hospitality property in Nigeria, is already catering for a steadily increasing number of business travellers arriving in the country daily.

However, Coeln and the InterContinental Hotel Group are delighted that with the ushering in of 358 luxury rooms in the Nigerian hospitality market, over 650 direct employment and scores of indirect employment in the hotel value chain have been created.

Hence, he notes that the group is in Nigeria to serve its global guests, set the pace in hospitality business in line with its best service and quality tradition, empower Nigerians in hospitality skills, make the hotel the hotbed for African hospitality skills, and of course, make the owners happy.

It would be recalled that at the opening, Ramesh Valechha, chairman, Milan Group, owner of the hotel, emphasised on best of services, world-class facilities, skilled manpower and creating employment. The focal points are being met on daily basis as the hotel keeps attracting the best of skills around the world to serve guests from across the world amid best of leisure facilities.

What more do you what? The general manager asks because his crop of competent staff is more than willing to help you make the most of your stay at the hotel.

He is not in any competition with anybody. The hotel is not benchmarking itself, rather the guests will confirm how unique their treat was at the end of their stay because he and his service-loving staff do their jobs naturally and deserving guests have always appreciated them.

Going forward, the general manager notes that the truly five-star hotel is committed to the best of service and facilities that will not be compromised at anytime.

Well, you only need a visit to discover how committed the hotel is to service.