• Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Experience a slice of life at Bogobiri


As the name sounds, Bogobiri is the name of a settlement in far northern city of Sokoto, where some scholars believe Uthman Dan Fodio, the great jihadist came from.

It was originally a contact point and outpost for creativity, scholarship and Islamic studies with lots of literary materials then exported to other parts of Nigeria from the historic Sokoto suburb.

In Ikoyi, Lagos State lies another Bogobiri with seemingly resemblance with the former. But the uniqueness of the two is that they both welcome strangers because it is commonly said that ‘there are no strangers in Bogobiri.’

Rather than engage your literary sense, Bogobiri House, located opposite the vibrant Nimbus Art Centre in South-West Ikoyi, engages your sense of pleasure.

The 10 rooms, which are all individually designed, are breathtaking. The design concept combines the practical requirements of the modern traveller with Afro-centric creativity and charm that set it aside for those that appreciate a touch of Africa in décor, food and taste. The aesthetics is worthy to behold as it relaxes the sense of sight with delightful bouquet of raw elegance, especially at the Bamboo bar, Village Square bar, and Bamboo restaurant.

One good you are sure to enjoy as always is the therapy and massage centre with its exclusivity, personalised attention and relief. With the one-hour body massage, you are sure of entering an aromatic heaven with flowing blissful movements, treating both physical and emotional stress. At the end, you will succeed in uplifting your spirit with the outfit’s locally blended aroma-therapy oils.

You are really in for memorable massage experiences from the very energising full-body massage, deep tissue, quick fix, express manicure among other medically and leisure imbued treatments.

Bet, you will have more than enough reasons to book for a space in the rooms ranging from single, double executive and palm suites, which altogether maintain over 80 percent occupancy rate.

The various bars and restaurants hardly run dry of exotic wines and delicacies, while the library, gallery and business bureau offer the more business-conscious guest the best in hospitality.

You will never get tired of the beautiful and appealing ambiance. Should you want something outdoor, a two-minute walk to Awolowo Road leads visitors to discover the numerous restaurants, bars, shops and sporting facilities on the highbrow former European area.

In a nutshell, the outfit’s ‘local knowledge,’ choice location, ambiance, creativity, quality service and top security make for what can only be termed the ‘Bogobiri Experience’.