• Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Alluring dining room setting


The dining room holds its special esteem in any home for several reasons including being the meeting place for families and visitors to have their meals and could also serve as a secluded part of the home for calm relaxation without all the noise of the sitting room.

Essentially designed as the eating room, the dining can actually offer much more from its aesthetics to concept, furniture and provide the homely feel anyone desires.

Though most homeowners are yet to see a very vital reason to allot so much space to the dining area, few people are already in terms with the need to create a room not only restricted to eating but an amiable area that can breathe comfort even from a distance.

For most people who don’t build their own homes, tweaking the aesthetics might seem quite difficult, but the concept can always be designed to suit your taste. If you love space which is essential in every dining room, settling for just a small set of furniture would be ideal.

However, when there is space to modify this important room into a much more inviting room, only the right concept will do. The dining room is not an area for imposing accessories as some people think. Keeping it sleek is much better.

Selecting the right furniture to suit your concept and providing comfort could be daunting. Hence, evaluating the available space to ensure optimum use is of great essence even prior to deciding what style of furniture meets your taste.

Tables come in a variety of shapes, but the most compatible is still the rectangle because of its ability to easily fit into any space allotted to the dining rather than round tables which require a spacious square room to fit properly. Ideally, a rectangular table with a pedestal base allows for maximum seating arrangement. Another trend that is currently emerging is square tables at counter height with bar stool seating.

Often people ask, ‘Should a dining room contain accessories to boost its outlook?’ Few floral displays, candles, framed pictures, and glass pieces would always make a statement and even provide something for the eye to feed on while the meals go on. However, it must not be in excess even if there is ample space.

Chandeliers either modern and traditional would also add some style and elegance to the dining room.

Good wall paintings will always add an extra spice to any part of a home, while the interpretation of a “good” wall painting might vary for individuals, some bright colours will always edge others as far as the dining room is concerned. Soothing colours such as white and green lends light and serenity to the dining space. For homeowners who like experimenting there is the possibility of complimenting the softer shades with relatively bolder ones for a contemporary look to the dining space.

Though the choice of a particular colour is largely dependent on a homeowner’s taste, it is essential to note that some colours such as pink and violet known to suppress appetite, hence, should be avoided in a dining room. Also, going for extremely bright colours on the walls of a dining space is not a practical choice as it might go against the overall dining experience.

If you find yourself with so much space on your table and you feel you need more decoration to make it lively, stick with more natural decorations or an oversized ceramic. Even a glass bowl filled with fruits could do the magic.

For a quirky, fun look, a clear goldfish bowl on the table could do.

The lighting of your room should be bright enough that diners can see what they’re eating, but it must be equally low to for a relaxed mood especially when dinner is served. If the candles must exist they should be kept above or below but never directly at eye level and ensure you surround them with hurricane globes to prevent wild flickering.

Drapery is one of the most popular window coverings used in dining rooms. They add softness, texture, and colour to this communal area of the home. Easily ranging from sophisticated and formal to casual and chic, this treatment is fabulous on it’s own and even better when layered with a wood blind or fabric shade. The possibilities to express a personal style are endless.

Sustaining this great feel also requires some level of care to enable it maintain its glamour and inviting feel. This implies a constant care and maintenance of every piece of item found in this room ranging from the furniture to the chandeliers and even the blinds to enable them last their life span especially for the very fragile.