• Monday, February 26, 2024
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Ali Baba headlines Urhobo, Isoko heritage comedy show

Famous king of comedy, Ali Baba is billed to lead other comedians of Urhobo, Isoko cultural heritage to a night of fun.
Tagged Urhobo/Isoko Comedy All Stars show, it is a forum for unifying the people of the region, according to Ace Comedian and co-programme organiser, Ali Baba.
Billed for October 25, the show will feature comedy icons from the region, Ali Baba, Gordons I-Go-Die and Bovi in comedy, Daddy Showkey, Dr. Sid in music and Arts.
Organisers say the show is an avenue for showcasing the rich culture of the Delta people and celebrate their achievements nationally and internationally.
According to Lucky Onoriode George of Africa Travel Times, who is the initiator of the project, the choice of comedy as handle for the show is informed by the fact that the country’s foremost comedians, at this time, are from that axis and are tagged the ‘Golden Generation’.
“If you take a look at the entertainment landscape, you will see that the big names are either Urhobos or Isokos. Is it Ali Baba or Gordons, I-Go-Die or Sammy Okposu? Name them, they are all from that region”, he said.
“This is an opportunity to celebrate these great achievers and to call on Nigerians to celebrate with us”, he submitted.
He said that the event will have artists/comedians including Ali Baba, Gordons, I-Go-Die, Bovi, Ogus and their associates comedians/artist like; AY, Akpororo and Don Jazzy.
It will also feature cultural displays, oral tradition and music by traditional and contemporary artistes such as Johnson Adjan [Ogbu ‘ri ne], OkpanArhibo, Daddy Showkey, Dr. Sid as well as sculpture and paintings from the area.
The Urhobo and Isoko people of Delta State have several things in common, apart from the similarity in the languages and cultures, the ethnic nationalities have lived side-by-side for centuries.  Inter-marriages and mongrelisation is common among them.
In the last 30 years, the two nationalities have been at the heart of Nigeria’s entertainment industry, especially Nollywood and comedy.
From almost nothing, the Urhobos and Isokos have made the people proud by making comedy a lucrative occupation for hundreds of men and women across the country that otherwise would have been jobless.
Jude ‘Away Away’ Onakpoma, followed by Ali Baba, both Urhobos paved the way. Several others have also hit the road and carved niches for themselves – Gordons, I-Go-Die,
Onobrakpeya, the Ejiros, the Amatas, MofeDamijo, Mudi (fashion) and several others in the music industry are all very successful brands from that region.
The show is powered by Niger Delta people of Urhobo and Isoko extraction and Africa Travel Times.