• Monday, July 15, 2024
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A Treat at Emirates Lounge


A cursory look at international airports all over the world, clearly shows that none is devoid of an airline lounge, Emirates Airline, inclusive. Airlines sometime back in the years, realized the need for a lounge to make its customers comfortable while awaiting their next trip, and they came up with it.

Airports are adorned with premium lounges to make the passenger feel like a VIP while relaxing and waiting for his next flight. Airport lounges are designed to help airline passengers relax in style, read and enjoy light refreshments while airport arrival formalities are processed, no matter their airlines or class of travel in exclusive lounges. They operate 24 hours and have ideal places to relax, eat, and carry out business services, offer international cuisines, full bar service and other beverages.

Emirates has about 37 dedicated luxurious lounges in over 37 airports round the whole world. Airlines naturally love to make passengers feel unique and comfortable, the reason behind the lounge. For instance, Emirates Dubai Lounge, for the sake of unique comfort, and serving every passenger uniquely based on their tickets, Emirates provides first class lounge Terminal 3 to its first class passengers, Emirates Business class lounge Terminal 3 to its Business class passengers, Emirates Business Class lounge terminal 3 to Skywards Gold members in Economy, and Emirates Lounge terminal for Skywards Silver members in Economy. Since the first class lounge in Dubai is restricted only to passengers travelling to first class, it’s not as packed as the Business class lounge can get. Emirates lounges at other airports branded as: The Emirates Lounge” are combined business and first class facilities. Same goes with the recently commissioned Emirates lounge at Narita International Airport, Japan, the first of its kind in Japan. It provides a seamless transition to the elegant environment of the on-board First Class and Business Class offering with a colour palette reflecting the neutral, earthy tones that customers have come to associate with the Emirates brand.

A typical Emirates lounge is featured with a relaxing bubble bath between flights, a body massage(spa), private living rooms, and a personal escort to the gate. It also features impressive parorami garden views, a relaxing mobile free library with books and chessboards, a massage- room framed by over 8000 plants, from a spa to a lounge able built-in wall cubbies. The Lounge also has Wi-Fi, laptops and tables, international cuisine with hot and cold beverages, Business services. The lounge is as good as it looks, having a restaurant and bar. The Lounge hosts beautiful amenities and an impressive menu. All of these featured airline lounges are reserved for same day first class travelers and sometimes top tier status holders.

Emirates Nigeria Lounge is also not far from being elegantly furnished as the above mentioned, with displays of art from the continent, stylish solid oak doors which opens into the opulence ambience of the lounge and vibrant relaxation area, high quality cuisine made with the finest ingredients from all regions of Africa, and, luxury African hospitality, inclusive.

In the lounge, passengers are provided with State-of-the-art LED TVs to ensure passengers remain up-to-date with the latest news and entertainment, and a fully equipped business centre for passengers who want to catch up on the last bit of business before flight. Complimentary WiFi services are also offered across the Lounge area to ensure passengers remain connected. The décor in the dedicated Emirates Lounge provides a seamless transition to the elegant environment of the onboard First class and Business class offering with a colour palette reflecting the neutral, earthy tones that customers have come to associate with the Emirates brand.

The Emirates Lounge can be availed by Emirates First Class and Business Class customers as well as Skywards Platinum and Gold members. It offers mouth-watering dishes. Furnished with Italian marble floors, Gold Rolex clocks, leather arm chairs, and Walnut wood finish, in line with the world wide Emirates quality standards, the elegant architectural features and finishes, stylish interior spaces, bespoke furniture which forms a seamless part of the emirates’ in-house designing efforts, offers seating 157 customers with an area of 840square meters with duty free shopping views.

According the Emirates Divisional Senior Vice-President on Airport Services, Mohammed H Mattar, “Emirates, a global connector of people, has invested more than millions of dollar on fantastic lounges worldwide serving over millions of customers since the opening of Emirates’ first international lounge outside its Dubai hub. The secret of the Emirates success is that we are committed to the highest standards of quality in every aspect of our business, and having our lounges all over the world expresses that commitment in a concrete way”. We pay great attention to details, from the on-ground experience, to the onboard product and service. Before they even board the plane, premium customers enjoy exclusive chauffeur drive service, dedicated airport check-in counters, and luxurious lounge facilities- this is part of our philosophy, to deliver uncompromised quality”, he added.

One of the passengers, Mr Ugochukwu Eze, while awaiting his First Class Flight, was at the Emirates Lounge at the Muritala Muhammad International Airport in Lagos Nigeria recently, and reiterates, “Emirates Lounge is superb. During the couple of hours that I was there I noticed lots of nice things in there. The food in there was quite appetizing which was served in an open space with dining tables and chairs. At the edge of the lounge overlooking the departure area below was a countertop with chairs, and this was where I settled in. There was a single television set in the entire lounge and people clustered around it trying to get updates of what was going on. The furniture and decorations around the lounge were in good shape and very clean. The airport has a very good wifi system so I did not have to use the in lounge wifi. I think I had a good time being there”.

Emirates Lounges is currently present across six(6) continents network including Auckland, Bangkok, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Johannesburg, London Gatwick, New York, Dubai(x6), and Lagos, Nigeria amongst others.

Ifeoma Okeke