• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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A date with nature at La Campagne


 If you are after a walk on a challenging terrain or an energy-sapping adventure, then the smoothness of the Lagos beaches spanning over 800 kilometres along the coastline will not make for a favourite holiday destination.

But if you want to be in your natural state, enjoy an unparalleled beach carnival/fun, relish in natural seafood or stay in well-appointed holiday tents/homes and from there canoe yourself to a freshwater fishing expedition, all without watching your back, then La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is the place to visit.

The beautiful and unspoilt nature at this tranquil paradise that seats on a 65-acre of mangrove land and about 7 kilometres of beachfront offers more than exclusive leisure for indulgees of nature. At your first visit, you will truly be overwhelmed by the unique blend of natural environments and the aquatic splendour readily available to discerning guests.

Apart from the perfect blend of nature and man-made fun, the uniqueness of the resort is the fact that no noise from passing vessels on imposing Atlantic Ocean disturbs the peace of the guests. It is majestically serene.

At this leisure bay, it is commonplace to see lovers horse-riding, frolicking on bare sand beach, children somersaulting in and out of the freshwater lake, couples holding hands in pleasurable treks along the beach and in the accessible mangrove forest in search of special multi-coloured crabs, beach volleyball on the extensive sandy beach, and long swim to wash off the sands in the warm Atlantic sea.

Yet scrabble, ludo, snake and ladder, the local ‘ayo’ offer more fun for a few guests who effortlessly recline on the locally-crafted mat that cushions the heat of the sandy beach.

You cannot help but relish on the spectacular ambience of the tropical countryside that is not lost to the cosmopolitan Lagos. The tranquillity of the beach resort transcends the hustling and bustling and even the acclaimed serenity of some private estates along the Lekki-Ajah axis.

The beach resort also offers family fun. While parents cling on the camp bed with their drinks like couples on honeymoon, the cool sea breeze pampers their skin with its refreshing magic, the children alongside their folks set out to search for seashells as souvenirs for their friends at home and a memorabilia of their visit to the beach.

The many beautiful periwinkle shells the children and some adults fight to keep, the un-spoilt footmarks on the sand, the feeding of the tilapia fingerlings that swarm for safety at the ocean bank, all tell the story of memorable fun.

While the style-conscious nurture their nerves with a soothing body massage, the adventurous canoe across an artificial creek and trek within the mangrove forest to refresh in the sonorous and beautiful rendition of wild birds, and, of course, let out carbon dioxide for the very fresh oxygen from the forest vegetation.

You can also swim in the freshwater lake a few metres from the ocean and closer to the mangrove forest. The experience is simply breathtaking as the shallow depth is generous to all manner of swimmers. While the fun lasts, you often sight some picnickers that rather lock themselves in the comfort of their hired tent. Of course, only God knows what they do in there!

For those with ‘strong head’, the bars comprising mangrove, ‘molue’, ‘bolekaja’, ‘sekankomi’ and especially the jungle bar never run out of drinks. But as the safety rule applies, they drink responsibly.

Accommodation is something to desire at the resort because the various options offer rooms fit for a chief and gorgeous artworks and craft that decorate every interior. From the spacious standard rooms, doubles or villas, the rooms present a mix of traditional African architecture and furnishings with all the modern conveniences you would expect in a well-appointed resort, including air conditioning, hot water and room service.

The view outside your window may look Caribbean but inside is distinctly African – with cool circular rooms, high ceilings, basket-woven chairs, traditional fabrics and local handmade furniture in dark, polished mahogany.

Yet, the resort is breaking out with a new type of chalet. Tagged ‘Oba Ilerigi’, meaning house on the tree, the accommodation option is unique and ingenious. It is simply the luxury by the Atlantic shore, according to Wanle Akinboboye, founder of La Campagne Tropicana. The reason you should try out ‘Oba Ilerigi’ is the fact that everything about the new and entirely locally-built chalet is indigenous, extra luxury and environmentally friendly.

From the chic accommodation, one experience you must not leave out is the bonfire. The age-long naked fire game is glamorous at the resort at night with beautiful illumination and glitz of the fire from burnt wood.

Why wait? The resort awaits your visit. Go rekindle love, refresh with nature and improve your life!