• Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Literacy: A good investment


The words of Elbert  Hubbard reverberates, “This will never be a civilized country until we expend more money for books than we do for chewing gum”. These words resonate today as we commemorate National Reading and Family Literacy Day. Once again we are reminded that Literacy encompasses all aspects of our life; education, economy, health, politics and social wellbeing.

When literacy begins at home, it goes beyond just reading and writing. It brings with it  stronger relationships between parents and their children. It also creates room for healthy co-existence in the larger community.

When you expose a child to the goodness of the world of good books you are equally building a literate nation and everyone benefits.

Family Literacy thrives on formal and informal training, resources, information and advocacy across generations. Reading with your child for as little as 10 minutes daily, can dramatically improve your family’s literacy skills.

Every child has the right to learn and parents are tasked with the responsibility of educating their children in addition to the part played by schools. Therefore, your home should be a special place where reading and learning activities occur.

We all read everyday, even when we are not thinking about it. We read traffic signs, magazines, posters, newspaper headlines, TV listings, shop signs, product labels, to mention just a few.

Parents should invest in acquiring numerous and diverse reading materials. TV viewing should be reduced to fewer hours per week. Parents who  read books and other materials are more likely to trigger the same behaviour in their offspring. Children who develop the love of reading in their early years, tend to perform well in their academics.

I am a strong advocate of the fact that every child should be given the opportunity to discover the hidden treasures in books. That is why at Oratorz Book Hub we work hard to reveal the value of literacy by instilling a lifelong love of reading and writing in young children. We bring to life the amazing world within storybooks and so much more!.

According to Ruth Hayden, PhD, “If we are to raise literacy standards in any significant way, we need to do more to ensure that all parents have the confidence to support their children’s developing literacy and in so doing are encouraged to develop their own literacy.”

Overall, the grave problem of illiteracy can be tackled by helping parents assume their proper teaching role with their children.  Children tend to read, write, learn and thrive more when their parents are involved. “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” says Emilie Buchwald.

Literacy is enjoyable and rewarding. Literacy remains an essential skill and a good investment.