• Wednesday, December 06, 2023
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Xtralarge Farms’ Nigeria’s Best World Class Investment Award

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One Nigerian company with the rare foresight to understand the vast potentials inherent in agriculture and has not only keyed into it but kept propagating the food security mantra to millions of fellow citizens is Xtralarge Farms. Like Thomas Jefferson, the late United States president, the highly resourceful, determined and focused couple, Farmers Seyi and Moji Davids knew from the outset that: “ agric is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals and happiness.”

It is little of a surprise therefore, when recently Xtralarge Farms clinched the prestigious award as Nigeria’s Best World Class Quality Agricultural investment platform of the year, by the Institute of Brand Management of Nigeria. The momentous event took place live at Sheraton Hotels, Lagos when the hall was rocked to its foundation by the standing ovation received from all the men and women of goodwill and the well-wishers present. If anyone was there and felt surprised it must because such a person knows little about the proud pedigree of Xtralarge Farms.

For instance, some three years ago the same company smiled home with a similar award from Business Improvement District (BID), London amidst several others including the prestigious African Quality Achievement awards. So, the questions not a few interested farmers want answered are literally begging for answers. What is the agribusiness all about? What values does it add to the customers’ lives and of course, what are the unique attributes it brings to the investors’ table to such an extent that its pulling power is swirling by the day?

To begin with, Xtralarge Farms is a privately owned establishment duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria with a major aim of raising a generation of passionate farmers. Its head office is located at Sango Ota, a stone throw from Covenant University, Ogun State. Xtra Large Farms, a privately owned establishment in Nigeria comes with a major aim of “raising a generation of passionate farmers”.

It is into crop and animal farming, food production, agric investment, land sales for farming, training programs, farm setup and management. Interestingly, at Xtralarge Farms, you can be a farmer without necessarily getting actively involved in farming process.

Of great significance is the hallmark of integrity that has seen thousands of Nigerians investing in their hard-earned money in not only one but several of its investment packages. And wait for this-no one has ever had any cause to complain about delay on Return on Investment(ROI)! When you invest in XtraLarge Farms, you can get 50-100% return on your investment within a period of 12-18 months depending on the investment package you want.
Amongst these are the hugely popular Food Network, investments in pineapple farming, cassava farming, rice farming, and fish farming all buoyed with impactful training programs.

By 2030 the size of food and agribusiness in Africa will reach $1trillion(Dollars).
So, if you are thinking of how to make money, that is the sector to be in.
-Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina
(President, African Development Bank, AfDB)

On the Food Network opportunities at Xtralarge Farms all you need to get started is to register to be a Farmer with Xtralarge with a token of just N8500. On registration you have instant food item worth N1500, you qualify for a one day free training on crop farming and you qualify to invest with Xtralarge Farms.

Furthermore, you qualify to be a Super Dealer (buy products at wholesale price and sell with profit plus earn commission if you meet a set target). You can take your registration to the next level by moving from the family level up to the International stage earning food items worth about a million, cash of about a million, a plot of land, and eventually a three- bedroom bungalow. Besides, you qualify to earn as you refer schools for Agric Excursion program where you earn up to N500 per child that come for the excursion.

On investment in the Plantain Estate the opportunity is open for one to own one acre of plantain farm forever with just #1.5m. This covers the price for one acre of farmland and planting of plantain on the farm. Xtralarge Farms takes care of the whole farming process from the beginning to the end. In its words: ”We plant plantain, nurture, harvest and sell the plantain”. The juicy package ensures that the investor makes #500,000.00 annually from the plantain farm. In fact, it should be noted that the investor owns the one acre of farmland for life and also makes #500,000.00 annually from the farmland! ‘Wow”, someone getting to know about this for the first time exclaimed. But that is just a tip of the iceberg.

For the Pineapple Farm allocations an investment of N390,000 promises a mouth-watering annual return of N175,000. While the Cassava Project boasts of the production of the worlds’ best and finest garri, with the cassava peels flour as component in animal feeds and supply of starch and ethanol to companies one cell goes for N194,500 as the return is paid straight into the investor’s bank account.

As for the Fish Project a pond that costs N372,000 with a management fee of N10,000 giving a total of N382,000 promises N70,000 Return on Investment after nine months. Costs graduate upwards to the pond which goes for 3.72 million, a management fee of N100,000 with a total of N3.82m giving a Return on Investment of N700,000 after nine months.

On its part, the Xtralarge farms Rice is available in 5kg, 10kg, 25kg and 50kg packs with prices ranging from N2,500 to N23,000 per bag accordingly. More like the Wonder Meal all the food products are purely organic free from all kinds of chemical preservatives that could be hazardous to human health.

To strengthen the value chain on agric investment Xtralarge Farms is into series of training programs including seminars.

A three-day training held months ago cost N50,000 for non-members and N40, 000 for members of the Xtralarge Farms family of wise investors. “What do I get during the training?” is the question people often ask. The answers are straightforward. The Training Fee entitles you to comfortable accommodation and feeding for 3 days, with 24/7 electricity.

On the different categories, during the Fishery Training, you will be taught the various aspects of fish farming and how to make money in the fishery business. It is similar objective to that of Poultry Training. On the Crops Farming, you will learn how to plant various types of crops and sell them yourself.

To cap it all there is a Saturday night dinner with the Chairman/CEO and Managing Director of XtraLarge Farms, after which you will get to watch a movie in the Farms Cinema.

Xtralarge Goodies is an initiative of Xtra Large Farms, creating a value chain and food distribution network through which food and farm produce get to the table of “Consumers” at very affordable prices. Hence, the creation of an online shopping platform which will make food items available.

With all these laudable investment packages and training programs in place, one is confident to state that all the awards garnered so far by Xtralarge Frams are well-deserved.

One can understand the statement credited to the company that: “This award is dedicated to the one whose name is Xtralarge Himself; the one who is called Integrity, the Lord who speaks a thing and it comes to pass. Almighty Father is His name.”

All yours truly can add is: “Big kudos to Xtralarge Farms. Keep the flag of Nigeria’s food security flying higher.”