• Thursday, May 30, 2024
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XtraLarge Farms celebrates Nigeria @ 60

Why youths need training on sustainable farming

XtraLarge Farms has congratulated the government and people of Nigeria on the occasion of the 60th independence anniversary of the country.

A statement signed by Ayo Oyoze Baje, media consultant to the company, said that despite the challenges that had beset Nigeria for decades, the country has continued to weather the storms.

“XtraLarge Farms joins millions of well-wishers to congratulate President Muhammadu Buhari and the good people of the country at this momentous occasion,” it said.

It noted that one fascinating feature of the socio-economic landscape of the Nigerian nation as she clocks the diamond age of 60 eventful years, is the inspiring story of individuals and groups that have succeeded in changing the narrative against all odds.

“Recognising the fact that Nigeria has come full-cycle, from the agric-boom period of the ’50s and ’60s through the oil-boom era of the ’70s and ’80s, and now to diversification of the economy back to agriculture, Xtralarge Farms is a dependable partner in progress,” it further stated.

It also noted that “XtraLarge Farms is a renowned agricultural company geared at providing and promoting Organic foods, promoting agriculture, farming and empowering individuals in all aspects of life as well as eradicating famine in Nigeria.”

On the activities of XtraLarge Farms, the statement said that “when it comes to the specific sub-sector of agricultural development vis-a-vis food security and employment generation, the company has made its bold mark in Nigeria’s fertile soil.”

The company, led by Seyi Davids with his wife, Moji, has the vision of “Raising a generation of passionate farmers.”

As part of its contributions, the company said it was giving plots of land to agric enthusiasts in addition to free training and off-taking arrangements for the farm produce.

“Having raised 6,000 passionate and well-heeled agripreneurs in modern, Hi-Tech practices, with free farmlands, free agric training and free consultancy services, XtraLarge Farms is poised to take farming to the next level to benefit the country at large. What more, it has guaranteed off-taking arrangements for farm produce when harvested. And it goes further to assist to cultivate the farmland for the first three years,” it said.

The company offers investments in its various packages, which include the organic food network, the agric estate, the recession plan, the Super Farmer fish project as well as the VIP plantain, cassava and groundnut packages.

“It is worthy of note that XtraLarge Farms, which began in 2016 with 17 members, has a success story of over 40,000 members, now that is gearing up to launch the first Agri-tech city in Africa and the digital currency, aptly called Xtratoken. So, it is time to Farm Easy, Eat Healthy, Live Healthy and enjoy Financial Freedom, no matter one’s profession,” the statement added.