What industrial Farmboy brings to the consumers’ table

In the determined drive for sustainable economic development in Nigeria, the agriculture sector has within the past two decades attracted more enlightened minds as purposeful players to boost both food and nutrition security. Many of the new farmers have come in with better innovative ideas, more environmentally-friendly procedures and hi-tech mechanisms to provide products that have longer shelf lives and are indeed, more nutritious to the consumers.

One of such relatively new players is Farmboy.Ng. So, what is it all about? What new ideas, products and programs is it bringing to the table and what economic impacts is it bringing to the wise investors? The answers are not far-fetched. With Vision of “raising 500 smart farmers in 10 years” and a Mission Statement of “achieving food security in rural areas across Africa with climate-smart farming technology”, Farmboy has definitely come into the field of agriculture with a difference.

By its unique Thinking paradigm, it aims at “integrating world class solutions to a rich African heritage and committing to an exclusive networking of sharp young minds, disciplined towards new ways of excellence in agribusiness”. Incorporated in 2018 as Industrial Farmboy Limited – RC 1545574, a subsidiary of the Manywaters Farms, it was registered and has been in operation since 2009. Its core investment is in the agribusiness space and property development since 2007. Its cash crop and commercial farms are insured by the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC).

In essence, it farms and partner farmers in promoting food security in Nigeria with youth and rural dwellers inclusion. So far, it has created an online farmers market and investment option for investment partners who desire to join hands in creating more opportunities for Agribusiness growth with increased value optimization longterm, using technology as its driving force.

As at this day, the company has invested over five million dollars in agricultural assets and operates as a social entrepreneurial establishment, with rural and urban integrated solutions. It has as its targets the noble aims of promoting and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal 1, 2, 3. This it does by bringing investors to a-farm-to-table experience, in a climate-friendly way.

One outstanding aspect of its operations is that its farm produce are cultivated in Nigeria within three of the six geo-political zones in the country and brings fresh-from–the-farm products to the esteemed consumers. In addition, Farmboy.Ng provides the options and expansion outlook to network Sub-Saharan Africa on 100percent healthy, hygienic and organic farm produce, boosting smart agripreneurship and food security in the region. All these initiatives are indeed commendable.

For those interested in investing in its programs there are terms of service. It is important to note that the companyruns 24hours everyday and 7days a week. It means therefore, that all Investment Agreements are signed to Investors within 48hours of Investment. And pay-out is done within 24hours on due date, irrespective of day of the week. In pursuant to its agreement principles, the Investor can choose the following options at the end of the investment cycle: Full withdrawal of sponsorship capital and interest, withdrawal of interest only and reinvestment of sponsorship capital, or the reinvestment of Sponsorship capital and interest.

In the event that the Investor after 3 months, requests to withdraw sum invested before the end of the investment cycle, the company will still help to make sure the sum invested shall be paid in full to the sponsor/investor without any interest within seven days of request.

Investments available include spending a sum of ₦100,000.00on Catfish Farm (30percent Return On Investment (ROI) within 6 months). There is the Farm Produce Trade (40percent ROI | 7 months) with an investment of ₦50,000.00. That of Farmboy Premium (40percent ROI | 6 months) investing ₦200,000.00.

While that of Goat Farm (20percent ROI | 4 months) with an investment of ₦40,000.00 that of Poultry Farm goes for ₦100.00 – ₦100,000.00(30percent | 6 months) and for Strawberry (40percent ROI | 6 months) with an investment of ₦150,000.00.

But to gain lasting lessons on what Farmboy really stands for, it is important to imbibe some valuable tenets from the brain behind it all. And who could that be? He is the innovative-minded Dr. Ope Omodanisi, who founded Manywaters Group in 2007. Back then it was a property development company but it grew into Agribusiness in 2009 building capacity in both industries. He was born and raised in Kaduna state, where his mother introduced farming to him at a tender age. Out of his entrepreneurial drive for uplifting people, farming and engagement in research, the need for Farmboy.Ng became very obvious.

As at today, he is the Lead partner responsible for strategic decision making in the company. He was one of the Nigerian Delegates to Brazil led by Prof. Jerry Gana during the Umaru Musa Yar’Adua Presidency. He is passionate about climate-smart technology and its role in uplifting communities, youth development and businesses in Africa.

Ope who holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship from Babcock University has served with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Interestingly, his Doctoral Thesis is titled: ‘Smart Agripreneurship and Food Security in South-West Nigeria’. He is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School Agribusiness Programme, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He currently sits on the Board of leading tech start-ups especially in Canada, USA and Nigeria.

To drive the message of Farmboy.NG home, he has a team of highly experienced technocrats such as Ralph Ferreira Chief Operations Officer is a Rhodesian farmer who was the former General Manager for Banyana (Pty) Ltd. Mabule, Botswana. There is also Gloria Oyesanya, the Business Development Manager who had an 8-year working experience with the German Multinational Firm, GFK Retail & Technology as the Assistant Finance Manager West Africa.

Together, they are making modern agricultural practices and their products available to Nigerians. For instance, in the country today 75percent of the farmers own smallholder farms and 75percent of those farms are weeded by hand. 90percent of the weeding is done by women and 70percent of farm children are forced to leave school and work in the agricultural sector at the peak of weeding and harvest. Farmboy.Ng is strategically placed to reduce the numbers and improve by 150percent output per farm in the long term. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation(FAO), an arm of the United Nations, agriculture remains the base of the Nigerian economy, providing the main source of livelihood for most citizens and employs two-thirds of the entire labour force, with production hurdles significantly stifling the performance of the sector.

In embracing this opportunity, Farmboy works with global partners from off-takers, to technical advisers, agricultural information technology companies and agribusiness financial advisory teams. Underlying this expertise is its passion for Research and Development while humbly listening to the customers and farmers.

Amongst its partners are Riparian Farming Limited, ARM, Daddo Commodities Limited, Agri Route Limited, Bondfield Nigeria Limited, UnoTelos, Aze Farming Limited, Bara Group, as well as Precision Agribusiness Advisory West Africa Limited. With them, the company has been able to deliver’ the ideals of integrity, commitment to service, food and nutrition security to the doorsteps of its esteemed customers.