• Sunday, March 03, 2024
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Isidore Agritech unveils Jinja app to improve farmers’ market access

Isidore Agritech unveils Jinja app to improve farmers’ market access

Isidore Agritech Limited has launched the Jinja marketplace and agent apps to boost farmers’ market access and accelerate growth in the sector.

The Jinja app leverages advanced technology and provides seamless platforms that connect buyers and sellers of agro commodities, extension services, and financing. Also, it offers convenient and efficient solutions for the agriculture industry in Nigeria.

With the Jinja agent app, farmers and aggregators can effortlessly connect with the market by dialing *347*465# to sell their commodities, access extension services, purchase input seeds, and obtain insurance coverage.

Pamela Adie, the vice-president of business development at Isidore noted that Jinja is enabling access to a grid value chain more conveniently.

“Jinja is more than just a digital marketplace. One of our goals is to reduce wastage by making sure that farmers and aggregators have access to a wider pool of buyers in an instant, and that agro businesses can see, compare prices, and buy high-quality commodities in bulk without having to go to the farms or markets,” she said in a statement.

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“Beyond that, we want to improve the quality of life of our farmers and aggregators, so they can buy insurance, get access to financing, and earn a share of our profits on every single transaction! Jinja empowers farmers, aggregators, and businesses with the tools and support they require to grow their businesses faster,” she added.

Additionally, the Jinja Marketplace app provides agro-businesses with a user-friendly platform to compare and purchase high-quality agro commodities from multiple sellers in Nigeria.

This app saves time and money for buyers by providing competitive prices, secure payment options, real-time notifications, and buyer/seller ratings to ensure a safe and seamless experience.

Also, Valentine Eke, product manager at Isidore, elaborated that Jinja features a user-friendly interface that allows farmers, aggregators, and businesses to navigate and meet their agric needs.