• Friday, September 29, 2023
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How to establish a garri processing factory

Akwa Ibom government begins direct sales of garri to civil servants as food prices soar

‍The importance of food to humans need not be over flogged. No human can survive without food for more than 40 days. To this end, every effort must be made to provide food at appropriate quantity, quality and price.

Food provision is also one of the measures to gauge security of a state, self-reliance and sustainability. Garri is one of the staple foods in Africa. An average Nigeria consumes garri at least 100 days a year.

The consumption level is in millions of metric tons annually which creates both local and export markets for the product. The establishment of the factory is seen as one of the legitimate means of livelihood for Nigerians.

The major raw material for garri production is raw cassava tubers, which are abundantly grown in Nigeria. Nigeria is the largest producer of cassava in the World producing over 50 million metric tons per annum.

The project is one of the ways to provide jobs for Nigerians. This period of global financial meltdown calls for creation of streams of incomes by Nigerians to meet the ever-growing needs. Garri production is one of such streams of income that can be created. There is no waste in the production as by-products such as cassava peels and starch have ready market and are used for industrial and livestock purposes.

Technical information

Garri production entails fresh cassava tubers procurement, washing, peeling, grating, dewatering, fermentation, sieving and frying. To establish the project involves site procurement (the building requirement is simple) and installation of machinery, recruitment of appropriate personnel, purchase of raw materials and commercial take-off. Serious minded investors can be mentored to successfully establish this project.

Financial implication

To set up a unit that will produce about 1000kg of garri per day, a sum of N3.1 million will be required as listed below:

Pre-Investments : N100, 000

Accommodation : N500, 000 (rented accommodation)

Plant & Machinery : N4, 500,000

Working Capital/

Utilities : N1, 000,000

Total : N6, 100,000


About 200 metric tons of garri can be processed annually. A profit margin N200,000 per ton of garri has been computed. This gives us a net income of N40 million annually. This is also one of the hidden projects that can sustain many Nigerians. Serious minded investors can contact, 08023058045 0r 08033660177 for further discussions.