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Amo Farm empowers 1.3m households with Noiler chicks

Amo Farm empowers 1.3m households with Noiler chicks

Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited, leading agricultural company, has empowered over on 1.3 million households in poultry production through its NatnuPreneur Programme, the company said.

According to Ayoola Oduntan, group managing director of Amo Farm, the scheme aims to provide healthy Noiler chicks to women with technical and marketing support to enable women attain financial independence through backyard poultry farming.

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The Noiler breed of chicken is a hybrid of the broiler and local chicken which was first introduced into the poultry market by Amo Farm in 2014 with proven ability to produce high quality poultry protein with a uniquely versatile lifestyle adaptable to backyard scavenging that doesn’t reduce its overall output.

He stated that while the company has empowered over 1.3 million rural households with the Noiler chicken farming, the number could be multiplied by spreading the scheme across the whole of the country and Africa.

He added that the farm, through the natnuPrenuer Programme, provides an off-taker platform where partner farmers can sell their chicken to the natnuPrenuer team at maturity.

Itoro Awala-Ale, business development manager at Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery, noted that the uniqueness of the Noiler breed of chicken which allows for free roam backyard feeding would take off the burden of specialised feed buying from the farmer while delivery high quality meat and eggs.

“The natnuPreneur scheme is a farmer out-grower programm for natnudO where farmers are trained, given technical support and access to quality inputs to raise birds that are off taken by natnudO, the sales department of our firm. Through this process, over 6,000 poultry farmers have been trained across the country.

“The Noiler breed is genetically improved dual-purpose chicken breed indigenized in Oyo State, is a nutritious and sustainable source of protein. It resembles and tastes like native chicken, but is resistant to diseases, and produces four times more eggs and three times more meat. Like its eggs, the Noiler’s meat contains all essential amino acids and is low in saturated fats and cholesterol.”

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While commenting on the sidelines of the visit of Seyi Makinde, Governor of Oyo state, to the farm, she prayed the governor to deepen its partnership with the firm.

“Governor Makinde’s visit is important to our company as 70percent of our operations are in Oyo State. We have also provided over 2,000 direct jobs to the people of the state, and our impact on other aspects of socioeconomic development in the area has been significant.”