• Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Gabon coup: Here are 4 men who could succeed Ali Bongo

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A coup d’état has made a group of senior military men the de facto leaders of Gabon.

The coup comes after Ali Bongo’s re-election for the third time.

The disputed presidential election results, in which incumbent Bongo was declared the victor, is said to have been the coup’s catalyst.

The government has been overthrown and Bongo has been placed under house arrest by the coup leaders.

A new interim government has also been formed, but it is not yet known who will serve as its head.

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The international community has reacted to the coup in different ways.

Some nations, including France and the United States, have denounced the coup and demanded that democracy be restored in Gabon.

Russia is one country that has backed the coup leaders. We don’t yet know how the coup will proceed or who will take over as Gabon’s next president.

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Here are some of the possible candidates who could become the new leader of Gabon:

Christel Nzeya: Nzeya is a former minister of defense and a close ally of the coup leaders. He is seen as a potential interim president.

Franck Nguéma Ondoula: Nguéma Ondoula is the leader of the Gabonese Republican Party, the country’s second-largest opposition party. He is also a former minister of state.

Albert Ondo Ossa: Ondo Ossa is the main opposition candidate in the recent presidential election. He has rejected the election results and called for Bongo’s resignation.

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Jean Ping: Ping is a former foreign minister and prime minister of Gabon. He is also a former president of the African Union. He has been critical of Bongo’s government and has called for democratic reforms.

It is too early to say who will ultimately become the new leader of Gabon. The situation is still fluid and it is possible that the coup leaders will be overthrown or that a new election will be held. However, the coup has undoubtedly shaken the political landscape in Gabon and it is clear that the country is entering a new era.